WeSave! Charity Play

WeSave! Charity Play
WePlay! presents WeSave! Charity Play, a global online charity tournament to combat the spread of Coronavirus.[1] The tournament will feature 24 teams and a prize pool of $120,000 USD, spread evenly across six regions, all of which goes to charity.
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  • 265.8万
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An insane comeback and a new Rap God: WeSave! highlight clips
  • 03月29日
  • 166
  • 8.8万
Some players just won't die, but other heroes have to fear the threat of Wifestealer: Check out the best, funniest skits and biggest misplays from the WeSave! Charity Play.
Nigma defeats HR in 5; NA 3v3 AR-DM concludes WeSave
  • 03月27日
  • 33
  • 5.3万
Raising over $187K USD to fight Corona, the WeSave! Charity Play concludes its noble tournament with a Bo5 Grand Finals between EU and CIS winner, Nigma and Hell Raisers.
Final day schedule for WeSave! Charity Play
  • 03月26日
  • 36
  • 5.2万
WePlay! Esports has presented us with a great series of online league tournament.
LGD, Nigma, Thunder Predator are your regional champions
  • 03月26日
  • 47
  • 7.0万
The last leg of the Grand Finals showed some of the quickest brawls in China, Europe, and South America.
LGD quickly sweeps VG to be the CN Champions of WeSave
  • 03月25日
  • 96
  • 13.9万
A brawl between the Chinese titans opened the second half of the Grand Finals at the WeSave! Charity Play. PSG.LGD went head-to-head with Vici Gaming in a Bo5. However, the one-sided action from LGD m
Choose your favorite NA player to play the All-Star match!
  • 03月25日
  • 51
  • 5.0万
Who are your favorite NA players?
Nigma: Gold means nothing, Throne means Everything!
  • 03月25日
  • 46
  • 16.2万
Well, turns out Nigma's upset in the major and minor qualifiers were a fluke after all.
Adroit, HellRaisers, and EG emerge as regional champions
  • 03月25日
  • 43
  • 5.4万
After an exciting semi-finals, the first day of the WeSave! Grand Finals featured the Bo5 on SEA, CIS, and NA.
Adroit outlast Geek Fam to be the WeSave! SEA Champions
  • 03月24日
  • 155
  • 23.1万
Opening the Grand Finals, the two of SEA’s strong teams face each other in a classic Bo5 brawl.
BuLba: I have not had a Rampage for a while now.
  • 03月24日
  • 63
  • 11.0万
Bulba, one of the oldest players from the North America region, once famed for his Clockwerk plays back in Team Liquid.
Don't miss it, WeSave! rescheduled the upcoming matches
  • 03月24日
  • 42
  • 6.8万
The current donations raised via WeSave! Charity Play has surpassed 180K USD, which means we will be able to follow more matches.
VG, Nigma, and Thunder Predator join the Grand Finals of WeSave!
  • 03月24日
  • 51
  • 5.9万
Half of the teams left for WeSave! Charity Play.
TNC, Virtus Pro, and B.A exit Day 3 of WeSave!
  • 03月23日
  • 46
  • 9.0万
In the third day of the WeSave! Charity Play, the second half of SEA, CIS, and NA showed some impressive matches – even featuring back-to-back TI winner Ana standing in for TNC.
Ana stands-in; Adroit defeats his Spectre and Phantom Lancer
  • 03月22日
  • 138
  • 24.4万
What a surprise.



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