DOTA Summit 11

DOTA Summit 11
DOTA Summit 11 will be the first Minor of the 2019/20 DPC Season.
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LA TO CHENGDU: Minor Over, Major Next.
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  • 19年11月12日
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With the Summit 11 minor coming to an end yesterday, we have got lots of viewers
Invictus Gaming sweeps Chaos EC to compete at Chengdu Major
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  • 19年11月11日
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After four days of insane matches, Invictus Gaming prevailed Dota Summit 11 as they defeated Chaos EC 2-0 in the semis
The New NA Team in Town?
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  • 19年11月11日
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Despite being one of the two most-anticipated teams in the Summit 11, unlike Invictus Gaming, Chaos Esports Club had a rougher start.
Invictus Gaming forces their way to the Grand Finals of Dota Summit 11
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  • 19年11月10日
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We have witnessed several action-packed and nail-biting matches today from the commencement of the Upper Brackets
HellRaisers down to the Lower Bracket.
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  • 19年11月10日
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Much to many fans’ surprise, some of the most anticipated teams did not actually make it to the playoffs, or in other words
NiP and Geek Fam's run in Dota Summit 11 has ended
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  • 19年11月09日
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After 2 moons of explicit dota performances at Los Angeles, New York in Dota Summit 11, following the first 2 teams to bid farewell
The Spartans bite the Dust till 2020.
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  • 19年11月09日
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Ah, the team that looked so great that debuted into the pro scene back in 2016, felt like they could not get over their past and is now just another tier-3 team that made it to a minor.
First day of DOTA Summit 11
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  • 19年11月08日
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DOTA Summit 11 prep time
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  • 19年11月07日
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Summit 11 Winner Prediction by Two-Time TI Champions.
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  • 19年11月07日
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Unfortunately, the Team OG squad are off across the world, busy with their normal lives after their satisfying second TI win months ago.
DoTA Summit 11 reveals groups and schedules
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  • 19年11月06日
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From November 7-10, the first Minor of this DPC Season will kick off in Los Angeles as eight teams will fight for a slot in the MDL Chengdu Major.
The Tea Eye Champion Team at Summit 11.
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  • 19年11月05日
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Invictus Gaming, an org that was once so great that it became the TI2 Champions back in 2012.
ALOHADANCE Brings Hell to HellRaisers before Summit 11.
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  • 19年11月04日
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HellRaisers, a team that most of us may have known if we watched the CS:GO pro scene often. withdraws from their first Minor.
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  • 19年10月18日
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The recent roster is definitely on a rough start in their new DPC season.



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