MDL Chengdu Major

MDL Chengdu Major
The tenth issue of Mars Media's flagship tournament will be the MDL Chengdu Major. It will be the first Major of the 2019/20 DPC Season and MDL's overall third Major.
  • 25295
  • 1709.7万
  • 30
  • 125
TNC Predator Win MDL Chengdu Major
  • watt
  • 19年11月24日
  • 1421
  • 138.4万
TNC Predator have defeated Vici Gaming to win the MDL Chengdu Major.
Vici Gaming demolishes TNC Predator in the Semi-finals of MDL Chengdu
  • watt
  • 19年11月23日
  • 682
  • 60.3万
All Vici Gaming fans can celebrate today.
IG mounts podium challenge after outplaying J.Storm at Chengdu Major
  • watt
  • 19年11月23日
  • 507
  • 101.4万
It hasn’t been the easiest of roads for Invictus Gaming.
Team Liquid puts on a clinic vs. Alliance at the MDL Chengdu Major
  • watt
  • 19年11月22日
  • 483
  • 29.6万
Team Liquid put their troubling performance behind them, stomping Alliance in two games to nothing with their tournament lives on the line.
“Nobody has ever done that in the History of Dota” MDL edition
  • watt
  • 19年11月21日
  • 916
  • 72.3万
If there’s a team that can make insane plays, it had to be Team Liquid.
Vici Gaming take down Evil Geniuses to move on at the MDL Chengdu Major
  • watt
  • 19年11月21日
  • 1150
  • 256.1万
Vici Gaming started off hot at the MDL Chengdu Major and have yet to meet a Dota 2 team that can truly challenge them.
EternalEnvy's Fight Ends at Chengdu major.
  • watt
  • 19年11月21日
  • 1187
  • 134.4万
It has been a rough losing streak for the boys over at Fighting PandaS.
TNC Predator best J.Storm  guaranteeing a Top 3 finish in MDL Chengdu
  • watt
  • 19年11月20日
  • 603
  • 138.7万
What a great time to be alive for SouthEast Asian Dota enthuasiasts.
BC tyrannizes FP and secures top eight at the MDL Chengdu Major
  • watt
  • 19年11月20日
  • 545
  • 115.7万
For so many years, South American Dota 2 has been maligned, ridiculed as the weakest continent in the professional circuit.
EHOME and Team Aster fall in the Lower Brackets of MDL Chengdu
  • 米店
  • 19年11月19日
  • 1028
  • 31.6万
2 Chinese teams are dropped out in the tournament in the conclusion of today’s Playoffs of the MDL Chengdu Major.
Evil Geniuses dispatches Invictus Gaming at the MDL Chengdu Major
  • watt
  • 19年11月19日
  • 538
  • 12.3万
Invictus Gaming matched up Evil Geniuses in the upper bracket of the MDL Chengdu Major.
No CIS Team in Chengdu major after Day 3?!
  • 米店
  • 19年11月19日
  • 305
  • 6.3万
Oh the humanity…where in the world is when the CIS pro scene needed them the most?!
TNC lands the last blow against Alliance at the MDL Chengdu Major
  • 米店
  • 19年11月18日
  • 1974
  • 107.0万
TNC Predator and Alliance matched up in the upper bracket of the MDL Chengdu Major
EE-sama upsets TI6 Champions to secure Upper Bracket!
  • 米店
  • 19年11月18日
  • 743
  • 67.0万
Fighting PandaS, despite having multiple familiar faces such as the infamous EternalEnvy and even the TI5 Champion



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