The 5 best Sona skins in League of Legends


The 5 best Sona skins in League of Legends

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Sona is one of the most popular support champions in League of Legends. Her easy-to-learn kit boasts a full range of supportive abilities that buff allies and impair enemies.

Since her introduction, Sona has remained one of the strongest support picks in the game both for casual and ranked play. Thanks to her popularity and straightforward playstyle, Sona has been granted a variety of unique skins. The support hero has a total of nine cosmetics for players to choose from.

Here are some of the best skins available for Sona in League of Legends.

The top five Sona skins in League of Legends

Image via Riot Games

Arcade Sona

Image via Riot Games

Likely the most popular Sona skin, Arcade Sona can be seen quite often in-game. Released as part of the Arcade skin line, this skin showcases Sona’s use of a game controller in place of the Etwahl in her default appearance. Outside of her weapon, Sona also boasts a change in outfit and some rainbows and stars to suit her bright, playful aesthetic. This skin provides Sona with a range of unique animations as well as sounds inspired by retro video games.

This epic skin will set players back 1,350 RP, but what you get in return is a fun, retro skin that’s easily one of the best for Sona.

DJ Sona

Image via Riot Games

Staying true to her musical theme, DJ Sona replaces the Etwahl with a set of DJ decks. This Ultimate skin is one of the most intricate looks for any champion in the game, sporting a range of upgrades including multiple forms with animated textures, unique particles for her abilities and attacks, and new animations. As a music-inspired skin, Riot has created a well thought-out set of sounds to accompany the skin’s aesthetic.

This skin is as impressive as skins get in League. But along with the depth and quality comes a hefty 3,250 RP price tag. Players who use Sona often may be able to justify the cost, but it’s not going to be a skin for everyone.

Pentakill Sona

Image via Riot Games

Yet another music-inspired skin for Sona, Pentakill Sona offers fans of the champion something completely different. This Gothic rock-inspired skin line has produced a range of skins for champions in League of Legends, and Pentakill Sona is among the champion’s most unique looks. Sporting a menacing-looking weapon skin and black attire, this skin stands out from the rest of Sona’s collection.

If you’re after a darker appearance for Sona, Pentakill Sona is the skin for you.

Odyssey Sona

Image via Riot Games

Odyssey Sona provides a unique take on the champion with a divine outcome. This skin has an Aztec-like feel to it and is one of the few Sona skins not directly tied to music in its appearance. With a set of new sounds, animations, and visual effects, Odyssey Sona has all the aspects of skin that make it worth the price.

Odyssey Sona costs 1,350 RP. Fortunately for fans, this skin is not tied to the Legacy Vault and is therefore available for purchase in the store at any time.

Sweetheart Sona

Image via Riot Games

Introduced around Valentine’s day in 2016, Sweetheart Sona sports a romantic theme with a harp as a weapon. This skin uses a pink color scheme with gold trim. All aspects of the champion have been remodeled, including new particles for the champion’s abilities. The skin also boasts an exclusive recall animation with sound effects to match. What makes this skin shine is the level of detail in all aspects of its appearance to suit the theme of the skin.

Because this is a Legacy skin, players will only have the option of purchasing it when the Legacy Vault is opened. If you play Sona frequently or think you will in the future, this is a great skin to pick up when the opportunity presents itself.

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