Can these teams survive Europe’s Upper Division?


Can these teams survive Europe’s Upper Division?

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After the qualifiers, all the teams already have their place in the DPC and as we wait for it to start on January 18, let’s take a look at Europe’s Upper Division teams who qualified through the closed qualifiers.

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These qualified teams will join the invited teams of Europe – Liquid, OG, Secret, and Nigma as they battle it out on a single round-robin best  of three. After the season, the team with the best record will directly go to the Major’s Playoffs, the second place will qualify to the Major Group Stage, while the third and fourth place will go to the Major Wild Card. The fifth and sixth-place teams will stay in the Upper Division of the next season while the bottom two teams will be relegated to the Lower Division.

To open 2020, Boom joined as the roster’s mid laner. Since then, the team has found tremendous success in Tier 2 tournaments and eventually proved themselves to be a Tier 1 team as they’ve managed to take a series over teams like Secret.

They’ve showed their worth in the top-tier of European Dota as they finished top 3 in Epic League, top 6 in ESL One Germany, and top 8 in OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division.

As they join the Upper Division, looks to continue their development from a Tier 2 to a DPC-contending team.

If you want to know more of the team and their coach ImmortalFaith, checkout their Ask Me Anything post on Reddit ( AMA session).



Earlier in 2020, Alliance parted ways with 33 and Fata as S4 returned as Alliance’s captain and offlaner. With tournaments moving online, Alliance took CIS player Fng for trial as their position 5 and officially welcomed him to the roster in September.

Even though they struggled in the first half of online tournaments, they’ve secured a top 4 finishes in OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division, OGA Dota PIT Season 3 and 4. To show what the roster is truly capable of, Alliance bagged a first-place win in Epic League’s Division 2.

With a fresh start, Alliance will try to prove that they are worthy of their Upper Division slot and put the organization back at The International stage.

As of now, Alliance is preparing their bootcamp ahead of the DPC (Twitter).



Last September, Skiter, Boranija, 33, Milan, and Fata entered the ESL One Germany closed qualifiers as Mudgolems. 

From there, this new team rose to ranks as they’ve finished third in ESL One Germany and even sent Team Secret to the lower bracket. Despite this success, the BoraNija and MiLAN parted ways with the team in December to pursue other paths.

Before the DPC, Mudgolems returned with Nine and Biver as their new mid and position 4. With Fata and 33 leading the team, Mudgolems will try to replicate their success last year onto the upcoming DPC.


Chicken Fighters

Last April, Charlie, Supream, Saberlight, Era, and Sonneiko showed a performance worthy of being picked up by Ninjas in Pyjamas. However, the organization shut down their Dota 2 roster due to lack of resources during the online tournaments. As a result, Charlie, Supream, and Era returned to play as Chicken Fighters.

The three of them stuck together and completed their roster with former OG.Seed players Xibbe and Chessie. But this time, these two players embark the DPC with a new role as Chessie moved from mid to the offlane, while Xibbe moved from the offlane to the team’s position 5.

Even though two of their players qualified by playing in an entirely different role, this just proves that Chicken Fighters will be a lot stronger as they play together. 

According to Chessie (Twitter) and Xibbe (Twitter), the team is satisfied of their progress and assures everyone that they will have greater progress.

Europe Upper Division teams from Liquipedia

Being one of the most stacked regions, it looks like Europe’s Upper Division will be a bloodbath as each team can easily take a series off of each other. Which of these teams will deliver upsets to the invited teams? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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