Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.32 patch notes , new hero Mathilda, hero changes, and special events

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  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.32 patch notes - new hero Mathilda, hero changes, and special events

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.32 patch notes - new hero Mathilda, hero changes, and special events

Steven Cropley

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.5.32 has gone live and brought with it a plethora of content including a new hero, changes to previous heroes, quality of life fixes, special events, and more.

One of the biggest parts of the update has to be the addition of Mathilda, the Swift Plume. The new hero makes her debut in the update and will be a hot topic as players try to figure out how useful she can be. Her skills include Soul Blossom and Guiding wind with her Ultimate being Circling Eagle and her passive Ancestral Guidance. You can find a full break down of those abilities in the patch notes below.

Clint saw a big revamp to try and bring him up to par with other top level and taking a look at the kit, they may have succeeded. Other characters that saw adjustments although not as thorough include Brody, Lapu-Lapu, Claude, Chou, Luo Yi, Wanwan, Cecilion, Paquito, Mathilda, and Clint.

In addition to character changes, The “Blazing West”, “2020 Lucky Star”, and “Thanksgiving Gift” events are announced. They will begin on November 28th and 26th and give players an opportunity to earn some freebies in-game.

Check out the full MLBB 1.5.32 patch notes below:

New Hero: Mathilda, The Swift Plume

  • Ancestral Guidance
    • Mathilda gains [Ancestral Guidance] while moving. When it is fully charged, her next Basic Attack will be enhanced, dealing Magic Damage to the target and increasing her Movement Speed.
  • Soul Bloom
    • Mathilda resonates with the power of ancestors and summons wisps that surround her. With the movement distance increased, more and more wisps will be attracted to her, capped at 6 wisps. After casting this skill or reaching the time limit, the power of ancestors will guide the wisps to attack nearby enemies, each time dealing Magic Damage. Damage is reduced when hitting the same target.
  • Guiding Wind
    • Mathilda creates a field surrounding her and leaps forward. Upon landing, she gains a Shield and Movement Speed. The allied units who come into contact with this field will receive the same Shield also, and Guiding Wind: After using Guiding Wind, the hero will be guided to Mathilda, and both of them will gain the same Movement Speed. When using this skill during Circling Eagle, Mathilda will not change her position. Mathilda will reclaim all Guiding Wind if it is used by any allied hero.
  • Circling Eagle
    • Mathilda applies a Soul Mark to the targeted hero and then circles around the target for up to 2s. During this period, wisps will rush to nearby enemies, each time dealing Magic Damage. After casting this skill or reaching the time limit, she will rush to the target, knocking back enemies on the path, stunning them, and dealing Magic Damage. Mathilda gains control immunity and Shield during her circling.

Conclusion: She’s a new Support class hero which is going to wreak havoc in the Land of Dawn. She seems quite powerful at first glance since her kit is mainly designed to facilitate allies’ movement towards enemies, offering them shields, as well as dealing quite a bit of damage to the opponent. With a passive skill like hers, it should be almost impossible for an enemy to scape Mathilda.

Revamped Hero: Clint, The West Justice

Passive: [Double Shot] Each time Clint casts the skill, he will shoot his rifle with his next Basic Attack, dealing great damage in a straight line.

Skill 1: [Quick Draw] Clint shoots 5 bullets rapidly. The bullets will hit the enemies in a fan-shaped area in turn. The damage dealt by the first bullet on a target will be increased.

Skill 2: [Trapping Recoil] Clint shoots a rope forward, immobilizing the enemy and jumping back a certain distance.

Ultimate: [Grenade Bombardment] Clint launches a grenade in a designated direction. He can store up to 5 grenades at a time.

Hero Adjustments




  • Context
  • Attributes
    • NERF ▾ Base Physical Attack: 140 → 115
    • BUFF ▴ HP Growth: 125.5 → 150.5
    • BUFF ▴ Attack Speed Growth: 3% → 5%
    • BUFF ▴ Extra ATK Speed Gaining Ratio: 30% → 50%
    • FIX Basic Attack: Fixed the issue where Brody’s Basic Attack would be interrupted and disabled when he was silenced.
  •  Abyss Impact
    • NERF ▾ Base Damage: 250-625 → 150-550
    • BUFF ▴ Physical Attack Bonus: 150% → 180%
    • NERF ▾ Damage increase ratio for every target penetrated: 20% → 10%, with the limit: 160% → 130%
  •  Torn-Apart Memory
    • ADJUST ▸ Extra Damage for Each Stack: 8% → 6-8% of the target’s lost HP (scales with the skill level)


  • Context
  •  Bravest Fighter (Heavy-Sword Stance)
    • BUFF ▴ We’ve largely increased the distance of each movement.
    • FIX We’ve fixed a bug that caused it not to change direction in some occasions.
    • FIX We’ve optimized the skill casting and performance of Skill 1 and Passive, all skill icons, and the battle model of “Ancestral Blade”.


  • Context
  •  Jungle Heart
    • NERF ▾ Physical Attack Bonus of Each Arrow’s Damage: 42% → 40%
  •  Heavy Crossbow
    • BUFF ▴ Movement Speed increased by 30 → 50 during Ultimate


  • Context
  •  Blazing Duet
    • BUFF ▴ Base Damage of each hit: 70-100 → 120-160
    • NERF ▾ Damage to Minions: 400% → 300%


  • Context
  •  Wrath Sanction
    • BUFF ▴ Extra Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack to Minions and Creeps: 4% → 12% (of Max HP)
  • ADJUST ▸ Optimized the first two recommended builds.


  •  Shadow Transition
    • NERF ▾ Silences targets → Slows targets
    • ADJUST ▸ Slows targets during his  Ultimate → Silences targets during his  Ultimate
  •  Deadly Stinger
    • NERF ▾ Base Damage: 210-360 → 180-330
    • NERF ▾ Physical Attack Bonus: 100% → 80%
    • BUFF ▴ Damage to Minions and Creeps: 55% → 70%


  • Context
  • Attributes
    • BUFF ▴ HP Growth: 191 → 202
  •  Shunpo
    • BUFF ▴ Physical Attack Bonus of the Shield: 150% → 200%
  •  The Way of Dragon
    • NERF ▾ Removed Control Immunity when casting the 2nd phase of his Ultimate.
    • FIX Optimized the skill to ensure its actual and displayed effects are consistent.


  • Context
  •  Frostmoon Shield
    • NERF ▾ Duration: 5s → 4s
    • BUFF ▴ Base Shield: 400-750 → 500-850
  •  Stardust Dance
    • BUFF ▴ Skill 1 Cooldown Reduction for each hero unit hit: 1s → 1.3s
    • NERF ▾ Skill 1 Cooldown Reduction for each non-hero unit hit: 1s → 0.5s
  •  Falling Starmoon
    • NERF ▾ Now the cooldown starts upon casting or the end of charging.


  • Context
  •  Tyrant’s Revenge
    • NERF ▾ Max Moving Distance reduced by 14%
  •  Bouncing Ball
    • NERF ▾ Unable to block the Battle Spell –  Flicker


  •  Ionic Edge
    • NERF ▾ Removed the reduction of targets’ Physical Attack & Magic Power.
  •  Consecration
    • NERF ▾ Shield and HP Regen Boost: 30-50% → 20-30%
Luo Yi.png

 Luo Yi

  • Context
  •  Dispersion
    • BUFF ▴ Skill width and casting speed increased by 10%
    • BUFF ▴ Mana Cost: 60-100 → 50-90
    • NERF ▾ Base Damage: 230-430 →210-410
  •  Diversion
    • BUFF ▴ Cooldown Reduction provided by this skill: 2-10% → 6-10%


  • Context
  •  Howl Shock
    • NERF ▾ Extra Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack: 1-4% → 1-2.5% (of the target’s Max HP)
  •  Thunderclap
    • BUFF ▴ Damage Reduction: 30% → 30-40%


  • Context
  •  Contract: Soul Steal
    • BUFF ▴ Base Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack: 150-400 → 200-450


  •  Execution Strike
    • BUFF ▴ Cooldown: 7-5.5s → 5s
  •  Penalty Zone
    • BUFF ▴ Slow effect: 30-40% → 40%-50%


  •  Chemist’s Instinct
    • BUFF ▴ Total Physical Attack Bonus: 30-41% (scales with level) → 35-46% (scales with level)
  •  Energy Transformation
    • BUFF ▴ Total Magic Power Bonus: 40-50% → 45-55%


  •  Crossbow of Tang
    • NERF ▾ Physical Attack Bonus: 50% → 40%
Yi Sun-Shin.png

Yi Sun-Shin

  • Context
  •  Mountain Shocker
    • NERF ▾ Cooldown: 60s → 80-60s


  • Context
  •  Sanguine Claws
    • NERF ▾ Removed the slow effect.

Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins:

1. Yu Zhong’s skin “Biohazard” will be available as the December Starlight Skin on December 1st.

2. Revamped Skins: Rafaela’s revamped skin “Flower Fairy” is coming soon, with a 30% off offer from November 24th to 30th. For Tigreal’s skin “Dark Guardian”, we’ve revamped the display model, portrait and battle model.

3. Fragment Shop Adjustments on November 25th (Server Time)

a. Premium Skin Fragment Shop: Will be available: Dark Guardian – Tigreal, Enchanting Witch – Pharsa Will be unavailable: Pigeoneer – Diggie

a. Rare Skin Fragment Shop: Will be available: Clockwork Maid – Nana, Ash Blossom – Lunox, Deep Sea Rescuer – Cyclops, Bio Frontier – Kimmy. Captain Thorns – Miya, Shanghai Maiden- Angela Will be unavailable: Pigeoneer – Diggie, Black Pearl – Karina, Rock and Roll – Clint, Dark Draconic – Argus, Frostborn Paladin – Leomord, Nightarrow – Irithel

b. Hero Fragment Shop Will be available: Rafaela, Karrie, Franco, Yu Zhong, Jawhead, Claude Will be unavailable: Luo Yi, Irithel, Popol and Kupa, Aldous, Helcurt, Leomord

4. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 11/20/2020 05:01:00 to 11/27/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Valir; Popol and Kupa; Franco; Pharsa; Cyclops; Wanwan; Granger; Belerick

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Irithel; Chang’e; Ling; Kaja; Chou; Alpha

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 11/27/2020 05:01:00 to 12/4/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Kagura; Lesley; Aurora; Karrie; Jawhead; Baxia; Selena; Esmeralda

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Lapu-Lapu Kadita; Clint; Kimmy; Guinevere; Angela

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 12/4/2020 05:01:00 to 12/11/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Popol and Kupa; Harley; Hanzo; Yu Zhong; Lylia; Esmeralda; Hanabi; Dyrroth

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Hilda; Argus; Moskov; Selena; Pharsa; Kaja

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 12/11/2020 05:01:00 to 12/18/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Vexana; Jawhead; Zhask; Irithel; Claude; Martis; Minsitthar; Cecilion

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Yu Zhong; Gatokaca; Kagura; Estes; Kadita; Bane

5. Added the “Blazing West” display scene. Some heroes will be displayed in this scene.

Mobile Legends: New functions and events

1. The “Blazing West” event is underway, with FREE Gifts every week!

  • Log in to the game on Nov. 28th to claim Starlight Points for FREE!
  • Log in to the game on Dec. 5th to claim limited special avatar border for FREE!
  • Log in to the game on Dec. 12th to claim the mysterious new hero for FREE!

2. The “2020 Lucky Star” event will start from Nov. 28th!

  • From Nov. 28th to Dec. 11th, log in to get free chances to dig!
  • You can start digging from Dec. 12th. Permanent free access to all heroes and skins are awaiting you!

3. The “Thanksgiving Gift” event will start from Nov. 26th!

  • From Nov. 26th to Dec. 2nd, take part in battles and share the event to claim Turkeys.
  • When you or all players have collected a certain number of Turkeys respectively, you can claim amazing rewards!

4. Added the “Highlights” feature accessible via Settings on iOS and Android 9.0 or lower.

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