Agent Ceb throws some game,winning Black Holes


Agent Ceb throws some game-winning Black Holes

Jerome Valdez

To continue their win streak, opened up another day of the Epic League Group Stage with an upset over OG as they convincingly took the series 2-0.


Game 1: Boom’s Doom made OG gloom opened the draft with Shad’s signature Faceless Void and an overall last-pick Doom for Boom. OG responded with their own team fight featuring a position 4 Mars for Saksa.

Game 1 draft

To set the tempo, Seleri Enchantress started with their offlane so that Tobi Beastmaster could claim the first blood on Midone Morphling. From there, each of’s lanes took kills on their opponents knowing that they are stronger in the early game.

With Doom helping the other lanes with counter-initiations, he was able to finish a BKB before 12 minutes to force OG in an unfavorable fight.

Boom vs Topson before 12 minutes played together to control OG’s jungle and even though Faceless Void only had BKB, Midas, and Aegis, he managed to set himself a three-man Chrono to cover all of OG’s cores.

Despite not having an actual damage item, Shad still hit hard because of Beastmaster’s Attack Speed aura from his Inner Beast and 18% Bonus Damage from Vladmir’s offering. In addition to this, Doom Devouring an Alpha Wolf gave his allies a 30% Attack Damage Bonus aura.

With two lanes pushing towards OG’s high ground, continued to take down OG’s cores until they called gg behind a 32k gold lead before 24 minutes. Boom’s Doom finished with a 10/0/17 record to lead the team into the game 1 win with a 37-7 kill score.


Game 2:  Shad with the fancy footwork

This time, OG had a highly-aggressive draft with Topson’s last-pick Invoker, while played the classic Io and Gyro combo for Seleri and Shad.

Game 2 draft

In the early game, OG tried to disrupt Shad’s farm, but were ready and traded kills with them. However, a Meteor Hammer from Topson and Blink Dagger on Ceb Enigma by 13 minutes gave OG the push and gank advantage.

Despite this, OG still couldn’t get a significant advantage as easily cleared up the lanes away from their T2 towers. In the 22nd minute, OG tried to gank Gyro, but Seleri’s well-timed Relocate to the fountain saved Shad while OG eliminated the rest of

After that successful gank, OG began their slow Rosh. initiated on Enigma with Beastmaster’s Primal Roar, but it was too late as Midone Monkey King already took the Aegis. Ceb survived to cast BKB, but a simple sidestep from Shad avoided the Black Hole.

Because of this, had the confidence to rush OG and chase the kills and networth. OG decided to fight back on their side, but another side step from Shad forced Ceb to miss another Black Hole.

With another failed Black Hole, claimed four from OG and took their mid racks. OG defended, but Shad’s heavy-hitting Gyro sealed the deal as the Bashes from his Basher into Abyssal Blade took down OG for a 33-minute win.

Shad’s post-game stats

From Ceb’s first failed Black Hole around the 24-minute mark, the kill score was 16-6 in their favor, but as the game ended, the final kill count was 23-30 in favor of With these numbers alone, you can see how turned the game around by killing OG’s members 24 times while OG only took seven kills in the same nine-minute span.

In 2020, OG defeated in five of their seven series, but in this eighth matchup, took their third win against the champions. To celebrate,’s carry tweeted out how he dodged some Black Holes.

With this win, leads the Epic League Group Stage with a 4-0 series record while OG is at 1-3. will be facing Alliance later today, while OG will face Na’Vi on November 22.

What do you think of’s performance? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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