SumaiL – The King is not back yet


SumaiL – The King is not back yet

Marcus Wong

Now, we are all happy that SumaiL is back in the pro scene. But really, we are actually surprised a team that is not Evil Geniuses, was willing to have him on board. Jokes aside, SumaiL is one of the most unique players in Dota 2, and that’s a double-edged sword, unfortunately.


Evil Geniuses: Come home, buddy

Ever since SumaiL left Evil Geniuses, the player hasn’t found any success playing for other teams. From his brother’s own team, Quincy Crew, to even the most established team OG, it just doesn’t seem to work for the young prodigy.

Since then, we never really heard of SumaiL’s whereabouts until just last week, when team Just Error was formed. Yeah sure, they did win the closed qualifiers by playing only a best-of-five final, but is his return really worth the hype? Well, absolutely not.

On day 1 at EPIC League, they kickstarted their debut with a 1-2 loss against mudgolems. Although Misery and the boys have been phenomenal, frankly fans were expecting better from a stack of well-known players. Like, literally every single player on Just Error is known across the Dota 2 community, whether as former players or Tea Eye 5 champion.


Old boys versus new boys

Anyways, perhaps the most exciting series that we can ask for, Just Errors (Noone, Solo, RAMZES666) versus their former team, Out of due respect, these players have brought flory and fame for over the years, and even earned themselves a self-proclaimed title as Major Kings. That’s because they were top three in the DPC 2018-2019 season, making them one of CIS’ best representatives at the International 2019.

On paper, the current squad surpassed most factors, from drafts to consistency, and even plays in several occasions. All these are effort built from their commitment as a team back when they were in VP.Prodigy. The youngsters in today have indeed formed a monstrous team that even made it to the grand finals versus Team Secret once.

Team Just Error was able to pull off a cheeky win on game 1. During the late game, Just Error found themselves unable to secure a dominating teamwipe, so they resorted to the shameful methods of just targeting the Ancient, not that it’s wrong or anything. After all, an unmanly victory is still a victory in our books.


A New

However, the decent showing in game 1 was quickly overwhelmed by in the next match that ended with 27-5 in favor of VP. Realizing how one-sided the second game was definitely sent chills to Sumail fans because that’s not a sight we wanted to witness.

Then, in the final decisive game, team Just Errors’ line-up just feels underwhelming in terms of offence and zero initiation altogether. As expected,’s Faceless Void along with Kunkka and Elder Titan made quick work of Just Error’s weak heroes. Frankly, we have yet to watch SumaiL play an aggressive mid hero, perhaps his signature Storm Spirit, for a change.

Till then, they will want to start counting their eggs in the basket because they are close to the brim of elimination. Stay tuned.




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