Yapzor – You have been Icefroged!


Yapzor – You have been Icefroged!

Marcus Wong

Oh, how the Tide has turned? *pun intended* It’s mudgolems versus the undefeatable Team Secret, at least that’s what fans proclaimed. Yet, in an unexpected series of fights, mudgolems didn’t just win the series but took a clean 2-0 sweep against Puppey’s flawless stack.

While fans are bashing the lather for fooling around too much and their arrogance, perhaps the real deal here is mudgolems, who actually outplayed their opponents.


The Watermelon Strat

Tidehunter, we have seen it played by Mind_Control in the Tea Eye 9 finals, where OG just ran over the poor watermelon in the lane. It was almost unbearable to watch Mind_Control look so mentally done.

Whereas, mudgolems picked the hero specifically to counter Yapzor’s signature Earthshaker. To the uncanny eyes of 2K players, the Tidehunter passive that coincidentally triggered when Yapzor landed his 5-man Echo Slam will seem like a lucky incident. Or what most cultured players like ourselves would call “Icefrog CLAP”.

Truth is, if mudgolems didn’t have a counter to Yapzor’s initiation, they most certainly wouldn’t be grouped up together so closely. In other words, they were literally begging Yapzor to blink in, just so that Tidehunter can get his Ravage off after that.


Stuns, stuns, and more stuns!

The Tidehunter draft aside, mudgolems really outplayed Team Secret heavily in both games. For instance, in the first game, Team Secret had zai play Enigma, a hero that require immense skills to execute a perfect teamfight. Now, of course, zai wouldn’t have any issue landing a good Blackhole in most scenarios.

Which is where mudgolems’ item build comes into play, Abyssal Blades. That’s right, it’s not one, not two but three Abyssal Blades! All just to counter Enigma’s channelling ulti. Which may seem excessive even for a pro team, but if that’s what it takes to shut down Secret’s playmaker, then it’s well worth shifting the pub meta.

Guys, buy Abyssal Blade every game, tell your teammates and enemies to buy Abyssal Blades because it is just too dang good. Jokes aside, ever since the revamp on Abyssal Blade’s stun mechanic, the item has become one of the most terrifying items that carry and support heroes alike had to deal with.

It pierces spell immunity, which means BKB or similar skills is pretty much irrelevant. And it blinks the user straight onto its victim, making sure they can’t just kite them off or run away. Obviously, that means it’s an awful experience for support heroes to be in, especially during late game.


Alliance jinxed

Well then, with mudgolems’ victory versus Team Secret, nobody expected Team Secret to be playing in the lower bracket. But perhaps the worst position to be in is probably Alliance, who will be having a round with gods themselves.

This coming right after Alliance hilariously joked about no Team Secret in the lower bracket when they fell into the lower bracket earlier this week. Well then, the bigger question today would be whether Alliance would be able to hold the baton that mudgolems handed over to them. That is to eliminate Team Secret for the second time in a row. Stay tuned.




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