Miracle – It could have been a ‘Miracle’ for Nigma


Miracle – It could have been a ‘Miracle’ for Nigma

Marcus Wong

Oh, boy was that an insane series to witness. By that, I’m referring to the Team Secret versus Nigma upper bracket series. For starters, it’s not every day we see a team make Team Secret shiver. The series was a very close one, but ultimately, Team Secret came out on top after zai on Mars was able to catch Miracle off-guard during late game.


The remnants of Team Liquid

While Team Secret is currently the strongest team in the world, Nigma has always been that underdog that fans believed in, to be able to take down Secret when the right time comes. And in this series, we just saw how close Nigma was to defeating Team Secret in the upper bracket.

Should Nigma had won here, that would spell trouble for any team that will be joining Secret in the lower bracket. Anyways, the first game surprisingly went in favor of Nigma. A strong performance from Miracle’s Faceless Void along with various crucial team fight heroes made the dream work.

Team Secret’s draft was just too volatile, having unreliable late-game saving mechanisms. That said, Team Secret probably intended on dominating the early to midgame, which didn’t go as planned. In return, Miracle got Aghanim’s Scepter, which enabled him to stun enemies whenever he uses Time Walk.


Not so fast, Nigma

Heading into the second game, Team Secret was able to redeem themselves, putting the series to a stalemate. After their convincing performance in the second game, viewers were confident that Team Secret got this series in the bag. Yet, that was far from what eventually occurred.

In the decisive game 3, Miracle picked Sven and intended to opt for the Aghanim’s Scepter. The Superman dive was such an overwhelming skill to deal with, as we watch Miracle fly from one Secret hero to another, stunning them, and killing them off easily, due to his immense damage output.

With decent teamwork, Nigma was able to initiate on the careless Matumbaman. At one point, Matu was seen standing too close to the enemy tier-3 tower, only to get instantly lasso-ed by w33 on Batrider. As he dragged Matu all the way into the gathering of Nigma heroes, all Team Secret players could do was watch as Matu fight an impossible 1v5.

To be fair, Phantom Assassin’s Evasion was hilariously useful in this scenario, and Nigma barely secured that crucial kill.


Zai’s Mars saves the day!

Just as things were looking bad for Team Secret and their fans were anxiously watching the game, zai came in with the initiation, preventing Miracle from always being the one to land an AOE stun on Secret heroes.

On a side note, Puppey did an oopsie during this game as Io. As he was escaping with Matumbaman, he relocated away without bringing Matu along. This led to Matu dying alone to Nigma’s forces. But the way Puppey just stood there stagnant and relocated was good humor.

From barely qualifying from the group stage to closely threatening Team Secret’s victory, it’s a rollercoaster of events coming from Team Nigma. The Nigma we know and love might be back, or perhaps they have been playing dumb all along, to fool their opponents. Let’s see how far this Nigma could go through the lower bracket. Stay tuned.




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