MTG take down Among Us and BOOM Esports to win BTS Pro Series S3


MTG take down Among Us and BOOM Esports to win BTS Pro Series S3

Jerome Valdez

In a Playoff rematch with Among Us, Motivate.Trust Gaming takes down the dream team of SEA in the Lower Bracket Finals to face BOOM Esports in the Grand Finals. After barely qualifying for the Upper Bracket, MTG makes an amazing run as they sweep BOOM in BTS Pro Series Season 3: SEA.

Image taken from Beyond the Summit’s Twitter

Game 1: MTG take the late game

In game 1, BOOM played a fast-paced draft with  Dreamocel Riki, Mikoto Storm Spirit, Fbz Doom, Hyde Chen, and Khezcute Clockwerk. On the other hand, MTG drafted for late game with a last-pick Anti-mage for JaCkky, Fearless Void Spirit, Masaros Timbersaw, Q Phoenix, and Boombell Elder Titan.

With an Orchid Malevolence on Storm Spirit and Diffusal Blade on Riki before 15-minute, BOOM secured themselves some key kills and towers. However, the Sleep and Supernova combos from MTG’s supports allowed them to take the lead as AM free-farmed.

The 30-minute Battle Fury, Manta, Linken, and Abyssal for AM allowed MTG to take control of the fights and secure map control. However, BOOM secured the second Aegis for Mikoto by 36 minutes, but with a Scythe of Vyse on a tanky Timbersaw, MTG surprised BOOM as AM took each of them down. BOOM tried to defend their last set of racks, but in the end, the late game and disables of MTG wins them the game.

MTG took game 1 at 34-31 kill score behind Masaros’ 14/4/11 Timbersaw and Jackky’s 8/1/13 and 32k networth Anti-mage after 42 minutes.

Game 2: Disables from MTG zone out BOOM

In game 2, both teams went for explosive teamfights. BOOM played Dreamocel Phantom Lancer, a last-pick Outworld Devourer for Mikoto, Fbz Tidehunter, Hyde Elder Titan, and Khezcute Crystal Maiden. Meanwhile, MTG drafted Jackky Faceless Void, Fearless Magnus, Masaros Sand King, Q Tiny, and Boombell Oracle.

MTG gets the early map control as they were able to take some key kills with Q’s Avalanche and Toss setups. With a 15-minute Aghanim’s on OD and Diffusal on PL, BOOM looked for fights, but the chain disables from MTG’s teamfight kept BOOM down. MGT tried to pressure more, but a good bait from OD gave Tidehunter a good Ravage that led into a four-man kill for BOOM to even the game.

Both teams went back-and-forth to contest Roshan, but MTG’s positioning allowed them to secure Aegis, but was quickly popped by BOOM. With Madness, Mjolnir, and MKB on Void by 32 minutes, MTG successfully took down the bot racks after key pickoffs.

With an Aegis on Void, MTG easily took the remaining racks and with their spells disrupting BOOM’s positioning, MTG grabs the second win. After 43 minutes of back-and-forth, Q’s pos 4 Tiny finished with 11/3/15 while Masaros’ Sand King finished with 3/3/20 at a 33-14 team kill score.

Game 3: Patience from MTG secure the sweep

Looking to close out the series, MTG played a last-pick Phantom Lancer Jackky, Fearless Void Spirit, Masaros Tidehunter, Q Tiny, and Boombell Enchantress. On the other hand, BOOM played for single-target pickoffs with Dreamocel Morphling, Mikoto Windranger, Fbz Legion Commander, Hyde Mirana, and Khezcute Vengeful Spirit.

With the Moonlight Shadow, BOOM took a few kills as they let Morphling farm. With an early MKB for WR, BOOM continued to take control of the game as they set up LC for Duel damage. With a 20-minute Sange & Yasha and Diffusal on PL, MTG secured the Aegis as they begin their offense.

Both teams focused on farming as the kill score was evened at 10 by 26 minutes. However, MTG kited out BOOM long enough for Masaros’ Ravage to come off cooldown as they secure the mid racks. BOOM managed to get counter kills and contest the second Rosh, but instead, MTG brought the fight to them as they wipe BOOM and take the Aegis.

The remaining members of BOOM tried to defend, but MTG just ignored the side racks went for the Throne. After 36 minutes, MTG claims the championship behind Q Tiny’s 8/1/7, Masaros Tidehunter’s 2/3/13 and Jackky’s 22k networth Phantom Lancer who finished with 4/1/7 for a total kill score of 22-13.

Coming right off a Bo3, MTG still managed to clinch the championship, let alone with a sweep to win $21000. Meanwhile, BOOM Esports wins their fourth second-place title this year as well as $11000. What do you think of Motivate.Trust Gaming’s impressive performance? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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