Arteezy – Get me out of this game!


Arteezy – Get me out of this game!

Marcus Wong

Are you an Arteezy fan? Well, bad news for you, because on top of NOT having 10,000 MMR like him, you tried to mimic his ‘actions’ in the game. So, before we start, here’s a word of warning, this read will be a hard-to-swallow pill for Arteezy wannabes.


“Get me out of this game!”

Besides Arteezy’s undeniable skills as a Dota 2 pro player, Arteezy was once known for tilting rather quickly in his casual pub games. More often than not, his typical catchphrases are “get me out of this game” or “I’m done” when he realizes the game is over. But you get the idea, he would whine and have violent outbursts during his stream, earning him the reputation as a crying baby or in Twitch emote, BabyRage.

Twitch chat would usually spam BabyRage RTZ whenever Evil Geniuses loses a fight or when Arteezy himself gets caught out. That said, he does have his moments, such as when he performed a 1vs5 clutch against Vici Gaming at the International 2019.


Learning Arteezy’s ways

Being one of the most celebrated players in Dota 2, there’s no wonder why many fans have begun mimicking Arteezy’s actions in the game, in the name of aspiring to play like him. Unfortunately, in the average games of low MMR bracket, giving up and typing “get me out of this game” when they lose a fight is depicted as toxic behavior.

In this clip, Jenkins (you probably have seen him at Omega League) explained how Dota 2 players do not actually say those Arteezy catchphrases like it’s their own original attitude. Instead, they mimic everything Arteezy does, and apply it in their own games, which is seen as toxic behavior. Hysterically, the way Jenkins explained how the Dota 2 players just mimic everything Arteey does, is just hilariously accurate.

Some extreme players would even go as far as to destroy their own items and AFK in base until the game ends. Sounds familiar, huh? Well, you probably did that some point in your games.


23savage’s toxic behavior

Another good example of toxic behavior in-game is shown by 23savage in one of his games. In the game, he was playing as Phantom Lancer, but had an awful laning stage, at only 16 minutes into the game.

After his fifth death, he had enough and began destroying his items. On top of that, he also flamed his support player, Jakiro, and calling him an account buyer. It was heartbreaking especially since his teammate, the Pangolier player, was trying really hard to win the game as he asked him to just go farm neutrals, instead of AFK in the base.

Unfortunately, 23savage had already decided that the game is over while his team struggled frantically to win the fights at the bottom lane.



Instead of mimicking Arteezy’s catchphrases, we should be mimicking his incredible skills instead. For instance, his Armlet toggling is one of the best, even among pro players. This comes in very useful when he plays Lifestealer, who he will pick up Armlet as a must-have, where he has clutched fights and escaped certain death on multiple occasions. Stay tuned.




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