Zai , Such a foul,mouthed gentleman


Zai - Such a foul-mouthed gentleman

Marcus Wong

With no EU tournaments on the way, the pro players have returned to their dens once more, to play Dota 2. As if the Omega League wasn’t enough hype and insanity, the pro players, specifically in EU, did the community a favor by streaming during these difficult times.

This time around, we dive deep into zai’s noble adventures, where he comes across an old friend of his, midone (who was partying with N0tail).

More than just allies

Just like many teams, pro players grow a strong bond between themselves, after the countless weeks that they bootcamped together. So, it would only be natural that midone is aggressively excited to bump into zai, on the same team.

In fact, midone once hinted that he only stayed for another season with Team Secret after the International 2018 because zai convinced him to stay since he’s returning. Fast forward to approximately a year since midone left Team Secret. It’s nice to see the duo interacting as if they were still teammates, though it isn’t the most civilized conversation, to begin with.

Midone’s brutal reply

As the pub match begins, the players had to pause due to having two disconnected players. It was during that time when midone wrote that he wants to buy Dagon, to which zai responded, “Do it”.

Hilariously, midone responded with foul language, “You don’t get to tell me sh!t, [email protected]&”. As the chat spams the Twitch emote for rude behavior, zai called him a foul-mouthed gentleman. He also added that he doesn’t know what happened to midone (after leaving Team Secret for OG probably).

Now, obviously, if you hadn’t realized, it’s a friendly banter from the two former teammates. Just like the other day, when midone bumped into Puppey in a ranked game, they just have fun and more friendly banters.

The OG effect

Speaking of midone, perhaps his time at team OG has changed him into a foul-mouthed gentleman. While team OG players aren’t known for their rude behavior, they are still seen by many as ‘rude’ in the game. All those tipping and chat wheel spam whenever the enemy makes a bad play, really add up to their negative reputation.

Jokes aside, midone has become a very likable player of team OG after just months of being in the team. If there’s one thing that both rival teams have in common, it’s their openness to new, unorthodox playstyle. Midone certainly didn’t take long before he felt like a good fit in the team OG line-up.

Having said that, team OG is still light years away from competing with Team Secret. The same can be said for most of the competition out there, whether it’s Evil Geniuses, Nigma, or even Alliance.

Coming Soon

Fortunately for us, the next big tournament is just a week away, the OGA Dota PIT S3. Of course, we have the usual EU teams in the bunch, and the Team Secret x OG rivalry will once again resume.

Perhaps this time, midone and team OG might just be able to tip Team Secret off the throne. And zai might not call midone a foul-mouthed gentleman anymore. Stay tuned.




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