One does not simply gank Topson's Monkey King


One does not simply gank Topson's Monkey King

Marcus Wong

For many Dota 2 players, a common objective in the game is to kill the enemy mid player if possible. Not only would this give your team a sharper edge in the next few minutes, but your teammates will be satisfied with you.

However, that’s not always the case if your enemy mid player happens to be the one and only, Topson.

Topson’s Monkey King

It’s Topson’s signature hero, along with Invoker and Pugna. Although most teams do not feel that it’s a considerable threat that they need to give respect bans for, it’s still a deadly hero when played by Topson. Instead, most teams want nothing to do with team OG’s carry Io, being an impossible hero to counter.

It’s the OGA Dota PIT season 2, where team OG needed to face their biggest threat yet, Alliance. In the first game, Alliance banned Topson’s Invoker after watching how he could use Invoker a hundred ways to make fights turn south, but no matter, as Topson played Monkey King instead.

In the middle lane, Alliance.LIMMP on Doom was having trouble taking any last hit as Monkey King could easily stack up Jingu Mastery to deal humongous damage. With a Double Damage rune, Topson decided to dive onto the enemy Doom. It didn’t take long before Handsken on Rubick instantly teleported to the middle lane to help his mid player.

Who’s ganking who?

Well, what initially seems like Topson solo-hunting a lone Doom, turned into a 3-man gank by Alliance. Both Rubick and Undying (by Fng) were there to hunt down Topson. As they expected Topson to just run away, they decide to chase forward.

Little did they know, Topson had no intentions of stepping down nor escaping at all. Instead, he manned up and fought back, knowing damn well that his Jingu Mastery can turn the fight around. Just like that, he hit back at Alliance players, forcing them to scramble away to escape, but to no avail.

Topson punished Alliance’s naïve decision of thinking they could just kill a Monkey King with maxed Jingu Mastery.

…and Alliance wins!

Although game 1 went the way of Alliance, it did not discourage Alliance one bit to still take the series. In the final game 3, Alliance decided to not take any chances and just ban Monkey King. This put team OG in such an awkward position in the drafts and eventually settled for Topson’s Zeus.

Unfortunately, the Zeus mid pick just wasn’t as effective as his other heroes such as Invoker and Monkey King. Props to Alliance for predicting that team OG wanted to pick Monkey King again in game 3, after the first 2 team OG picks were made in the drafts, Alliance knew that Ceb’s Magnus coupled with Topson’s Monkey King would have been a disastrous threat.

Team OG’s third-place finish

Nonetheless, team OG’s third-place finish at the OGA Dota PIT season 2 has been quite a rollercoaster of a journey. When team OG played their first series, they looked really confident after defeating

  However, their glory was halted when they had to face team Nigma in the upper brackets. Team Nigma sent them down to the lower bracket, and OG fans were once again panicking that OG will be eliminated soon. Yet, team OG made it past another 3 series before they eventually fell the second time, this time, against Alliance, in the semifinals. Stay tuned.




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