"Stats" Feedback & QA


"Stats" Feedback & QA


Dear users,


Thanks for your trust and support to VPGAME.

To improve the stats and content of "Analysis" and provide you a better product and service. We sincerely look forward to your feedback and suggestions about "Analysis".

Since the "Analysis" was released, we have collected a lot of users' feedback and we have read one by one.

We find out that there are three main types of feedback


1. Hard to understand the new version of "Analysis", the old version is better.  

Firstly we are sorry for all the inconvenience we brought to you on this update.

About this update, our team has already discussed the UI design. We agreed that the UI is a little complicated and decided to make adjustments. Also, we welcome more feedback.

Also, if you still think the old version has a better experience, we hope you can leave a message in the comment section below to tell us which feature or stats impressed you. Also, we'd like to know which stats you want to see but we didn't show on the page now. We will read and reply to the comment one by one, improve our product with your good feedback.


2. Stats are useless

The "Recent Performance" feature can help you understand the team's status. 

The odds are also a feature we tried and luckily we saw some users think this feature is useful.

If you have any better suggestions or any stats you want to know before the match, you are welcome to leave a message in the comments section.


3. Is odds "0.5" regarded as low odds?

Our low odds definition is different from the traditional low odds', we set the low odds based on both teams' strength gap. We will have a deeper discussion on the definition of low odds. 


4. Incorrect Data

The first premise of the data products is to ensure the accuracy of the data. We have been fixing these errors all the time to ensure the data accuracy!

There are also many users having questions about this product. Here we will help you understand how to use the product.


Game Winner Odds

Original Intention: We hope to visually reflect the team's recent win and lose records and the corresponding odds. We believe that the pre-match odds and match result will reflect the team's strength.


1. You can understand the team's strength by checking the average odds of the team's won/lost games

(For example, if the average winning games' odds of team A is 0.3 and team B is 0.8, we could say the overall strength of team A is better than team B.)


2. The stability of the team can be judged by the team's recent upset match situation

(If team A is the stronger team but losing a lot of games recently, we will suggest you re-examine team A's strength.)


3. "Event" displays all the key events. At present, only the game patch update records are displayed. In the future, more key events will be displayed, such as team lineup change. These key events will be displayed because we think they will greatly affect the level of team strength.


4. We display the odds from the fixed-odds predictions on VPGAME, which to a certain extent represents the industry's opinions on the team strength.


If you have any suggestions on our product, please leave a message below.


                                                                                                                     VPGAME Data Team




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