Move aside, ana! There's a new carry IO in OG!


Move aside, ana! There's a new carry IO in OG!

Marcus Wong

Hmmm, interesting, it’s only 2 days ago when OG fans witnessed team OG picked Spectre for Midone, the new hard carry player. While we can’t help but notice a resemblance to team OG’s TI8 Spectre played by ana, Midone played incredibly well too, with consistent performance and still willing to put up with Notail’s unorthodox drafts.

This time, the carry Io pick is indeed screaming TI9 vibes even louder, as if team OG is trying to put out a message to fans and the entire Dota 2 community.

“We are back”.

The Forgotten Meta: Io carry

After an indisputable defeat by the hands of team Nigma, the boys over at team OG began their lower bracket run. Their first challenger is no other than VP.Prodigy. The CIS team has garnered quite some attention recently, mostly from fans who compare it with their parent team, Unlike its senior team, VP.Prodigy are looking in better shape and won first-runner up at the Pushka League to boot.

Anyways, despite facing the two-time Tea Eye champions, the games were still reasonably even for VP.Prodigy, to say the least. In game 1, Midone played Io carry, a meta that nobody expected to be viable this season, especially after the 7.27 update. Even if we do see Io carry eventually, it’s probably ana playing it behind that monitor.

Well, turns out team OG still uses the very same meta that gave them their second Tea Eye victory last year, even without ana’s presence.

BEEP BOOP, here we go again

Now then, Midone’s Io, despite being a carry pick, he played Io with much more functionality in mind, this made it such a foolproof pick by team OG, especially against VP.Prodigy’s Doom pick. Topson’s Faceless Void is always doomed by the enemy, rendering him useless for quite a long time.

If it wasn’t for Midone’s Relocate every time he gets doomed, perhaps game 1’s outcome would be a different story. Anyways, Midone (and Topson) built Heaven’s Halberd to counter their enemy Ursa from hitting anyone. Besides that, he also decided to go MKB for the damage along with attack speed, the carry Io can deal ample damage.

That said, the game is not entirely a stomp by team OG, as VP.Prodigy definitely had their moments, especially during the early to midgame. Doom’s precise Doom could catch Topson’s Faceless Void often enough, and there’s nothing Topson can do about it as he just dies in vain.

It’s the mind game!

If you’re a fan of team OG, you would realize that they have goals outside of the game, which is to break the enemy. Whether it’s by tipping or chat wheel spam, nonetheless, VP.Prodigy have had enough of the ridiculous carry Io from team OG and decided to ban it for the two other games. They managed to win the second game, but the final game went in favor of team OG.

Hilariously, every opponent that faced team OG decided not to give Io to them, after watching the game with VP.Prodigy. Well, if it’s good enough to scare the world’s strongest pro teams, then I’m sure that we can all respect Midone’s carry Io is a thing now. Stay tuned.




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