Raid Boss Miracle wins OGA Dota PIT S2


Raid Boss Miracle wins OGA Dota PIT S2

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After defeating OG in the Lower Bracket Finals, Alliance forces a rematch against Nigma in the Grand Finals and after a thrilling Bo5, Nigma becomes the champions of OGA Dota PIT S2: Europe and CIS.

Nigma’s teamwork draws first blood

In the opening game, both teams drafted heavily for teamfight combos. Alliance played a Puck, Phoenix, and Disruptor combo for Limmp, Handsken, and Fng. On the other hand, Nigma drafted Miracle Faceless Void, Mind Control Dark Seer, and rmN Snapfire for their own combos.

The early game was pretty much contested as Gh’s Clockwerk tried to roam together with Snapfire, but the rotations from Puck and Alliance’s two supports ensured quicker and cleaner kills. As a result, Alliance got the better control of the early game as they slowed down W33 Visage’s farm.

After the 15-minute mark, Nigma’s heroes got their first core items and grouped up for fights. They took advantage of the 5v4 situation as Nikobaby’s Anti-mage was still farming.  Nigma began to get a hold of the elusive Puck as they perfectly set up their disables and take the gold lead.

In the next 20 minutes, Nigma continued their ganks and only gave up 7 total kills compared to Alliance’s 22 within that period. Despite securing the mid racks in 30 minutes, Nigma still could not completely crack the high ground as Alliance’s low-cooldown spells held off Nigma while Nikobaby continued to farm.

Finally, the setups, disables, and damage by everyone from Nigma drained all the buybacks from Alliance to win game 1 at a 47-20 kill score headed by Miracle Faceless Void’s 14/5/16 and Mind Control Dark Seer’s 8/1/30.

Gh Rubick as the core

Looking to even the series, Alliance focused on damage over time heroes in their draft such as S4’s Venomancer, Handsken’s Earth Spirit, and Limmp’s last-pick Viper. On the other hand, Nigma drafted a heavier teamfight with Mind Control Enigma, Miracle Spectre, and rmN Warlock.

Game 2 started a bit slow as Nikobaby Lifestealer and Spectre focused on farm. But as soon as Nigma’s cores hit level 6, they roamed and started fights when their ultimates were ready. As Miracle racked up some farm, the initiations from Gh Rubick and W33 Batrider was enough to keep Alliance from popping their own teamfight ultimates.

Throughout the game, Nigma kept control and limited Alliance’s farm. Showing impressive coordination, Nigma forces Alliance to call gg in 35 minutes.

Miracle led game 2 with 15/2/17, while Gh became the second-highest networth in the game with 14.4k and 3/0/22 due to his well-positioned lifts and damage with Veno and Viper’s skills. MC and W33 also tallied 22 and 21 assists, respectively.

Alliance comes back from a 3% win probability

In the third game, Nigma focused on teamfight with Miracle Faceless Void, MC Magnus, rmN Warlock, Gh Rubick, and a last-pick Jakiro for W33 to counter Limmp’s Templar Assassin. Alliance drafted a more elusive and durable draft with S4 Dragon Knight and Nikobaby Ember Spirit.

Alliance had the early momentum with their damage output, but an amazing wombo combo from Nigma turned the lead into their favor.

The lead was quickly lost as Alliance perfectly timed the Aegis expiration on Miracle to secure a teamwipe.

Nigma tried to bring the fight to Alliance, but the durability and damage of S4 Dragon Knight was enough to wreak havoc on Nigma’s offense. Meanwhile, Limmp and Nikobaby just ripped through the rest of Nigma to drain all their buybacks to win the game in 44 minutes.

With a 34-38 kill score, Alliance took the series into a game 4 after 44 minutes of action behind Limmp, Handksen, and Nikobaby tallying 9 kills each while each of them finished with at least 13 assists.

Alliance’s sustain takes them to game 5

In the fourth game, Nigma drafted low cooldown heroes such as Miracle Spectre, W33 Batrider, MC Slardar, Gh Earth Spirit, and rmN Bane. On the other hand, Alliance drafted ultimate-dependent heroes – Nikobaby on Slark, Limmp on Death Prophet, S4 Centaur, Handsken Rubick, and Fng Disruptor.

Early on, Nigma took advantage of their spammable skills and hunted kills; they ganked when Alliance’s big ultimates were on cooldown. However, Kinetic Fields and Glimpses from Fng kept Alliance alive and obtained some return kills by dragging the fights long enough for their ultis to come off cooldown.

It was looking good for Nigma, but they underestimated Nikobaby’s Slark as he racked up on some free Agi the longer the fights lasted. After a very long fight, Alliance successfully claimed the lead.

S4 and Death Prophet tanked up, while Nikobaby went for Halberd and Silver Edge. Like a boulder rolling down a hill, game 4 quickly went out of control for Nigma as they could not kill Alliance’s cores. With Aghs and Greaves on Limmp, he charged through Nigma and finished with 13/3/20 to take the series to a deciding game 5.

a thrilling back and forth

In the exciting game 5, Nigma drafted Miracle Terrorblade, W33 Batrider, MC Venomancer, Gh Eartshaker, and rmN Disruptor. While Alliance played Nikobaby Faceless Void, Limmp Queen of Pain, S4 Brewmaster, Handsken Rubick, and Fng Jakiro.

The mid laners from both teams were very active early on as they try to cripple the opposing carry. However, the magic damage from Limmp rendered Nigma’s squishy heroes as they slowly take the lead. Despite having decent farm, Alliance still could not push high ground as MC and W33 kept counterpushing to give Miracle more space to farm.

Alliance tried to expand their lead, but with Miracle beginning to get some farm, they managed to turn a weird Rosh fight into a 3-2 trade and get the Aegis for Miracle to keep themselves in the game.

Nigma slowly they took the 5k gold lead as Miracle finished his Dragon Lance, Sange & Yasha, Skadi, and Butterfly by 31 minutes. From there, Nigma looked to fight and let Miracle tear through Alliance.

Alliance tried to initiate, but W33 was quicker in setting up fights, allowing Nigma to take some needed kills on S4 to fully control the late game. After almost 42 minutes of action and 26-33 kill score, Nigma clinches the championship with a 39-38 kill score behind W33’s 13/6/18 and MC’s 4/11/27.

The raid bosses strike once again

A breath of fresh air for fans as Nigma won a tournament solely through the Upper Bracket. It goes without saying that it was a total team effort and each player had their own highlight play. Even rmN played well and proved that he is truly Nigma’s sixth man. But the ones that stood out the most is Miracle, Gh, and Mind Control.

In the Grand Finals, Miracle’s average KDA was 9/4/15 after carrying Nigma in kills and networth during their first two games. Miracle stood up as the core as he itemized well against Alliance in their matchups. Although he had made a few questionable plays, Nigma was still able to count on him when they needed him the most.

The duo of Gh and Mind Control was the perfect supporting cast as their initiations and laning ensured that Alliance have a hard time with them. Gh averaged 18 assists, while MC had 23 assists. This duo is inseparable as Gh’s rotations took care of the early game, while MC’s initiations and crowd control took over the late game.

After their victory, Gh expressed his gratitude for everyone’s support;

Miracle retweeting MC’s post on MC’s game 3 Magnus;

and of course, Kuro himself showing pride to his team’s victory.

What do you think of Nigma’s performance? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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