Top 5 current pro Earthshaker players


Top 5 current pro Earthshaker players


Earthshaker is one of the oldest and most beloved heroes in all of Dota, ranging back to the Dota 1 days. His kit has barely changed over the years, which is a testament to how well this hero functions. As viewers, we've had the privilege of seeing so many great Earthshaker players.

This list focuses on the best Earthshaker players that are active today, in no particular order:

Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat

Image credit to Epicenter.

I know I said this list would not be ordered, but I think YapzOr currently has the best Earthshaker in the world compared to all professional players. The position four player for Team Secret, he currently sports a 59% win rate on the hero over the past 152 games with a 5.12 KDA, the highest average KDA of any other Earthshaker pro player according to Dotabuff.

The reason he has such a good Earthshaker is his ability to do more with less. Clement "Puppey" Ivanov will often draft greedier heroes for himself and leave YapzOr as a roaming position five of sorts. Yet, YapzOr can consistently have a high game impact, with a 19-1 record in his last 20 Earthshaker games.

Djardel "DJ" Mampusti


DJ at The International 2018. Image via Valve.

DJ is currently the position four player for Fnatic in the Southeast Asian region. Most well-known for his Enigma or Rubick plays, he is also a fantastic Earthshaker player.

DJ currently has a 65.5% win rate on Earthshaker over 61 games played with a 3.78 KDA. What differentiates DJ from other Earthshaker players is how aggressive he is on the hero. Being on the enemy team, you never really know where DJ is on the map until a sudden fissure comes out blocking your path of escape, and by that point, it is already too late. DJ also gets a lot more farm priority compared to other Earthshaker players, having an average Blink Dagger timing of around 13 minutes compared to the 17-20 minutes of other Earthshaker players.

Xu "fy" Linsen

Fy at The International 2019. Image via Valve.

Once considered the face of the Vici Gaming brand, Fy is one of the most decorated Dota 2 competitors of all time. He currently competes for PSG.LGD. Fy is best known for his Rubick, but his Earthshaker play is nothing to scoff at. Fy currently has a 70.4% win rate on Earthshaker over 98 games with a 4.23 KDA, the highest win rate of anybody on this list.

The largest distinguishing factor between fy and other Earthshaker players is his love for buying BKB as a second item. It says a lot about his playstyle and favoring a good Echo Slam initiation over anything.

Andreas "Cr1t" Nielsen

Cr1t at ESL One Birmingham 2019. Copyright

The Danish support player who got his start on OG has been a consistently good Earthshaker support player for most of his career and one of the main players that defined the style of roaming Earthshaker we now see so often.

Now competing with Evil Geniuses, Cr1t maintains a 62% win rate on the hero over 84 matches with an average KDA of 3.16. His spot on this list is not necessarily about the skill with the hero, which he obviously has. Instead, it is a callback to the style of Earthshaker we see today, more of a roaming support that reacts to and makes plays happen in every lane instead of remaining stationary. Players like Cr1t revolutionized Earthshaker play to be more than a secondary support. We see a lot more agency now in the playstyles of Earthshakers everywhere, and that can be attributed to how Cr1t chose to play the hero.

Maroun "GH" Merhej

GH at The International 2019. Image credit to Valve.

If you've watched Nigma over the past few months, you may not have seen a GH Earthshaker. They haven't favored the hero this patch, and when they have picked it, they have not given it to GH. However, just like Cr1t, it would be a disservice not to remember The International 2017 era, when playmaking supports were at their peak. GH was a part of this movement and still deserves a spot as one of the best Earthshaker players in the world. GH maintains a 63% win rate on Earthshaker over 87 games with a 2.64 KDA. His stats are not astounding, but he still plays the hero better than most others out there.




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