Big Update for VIP Center on VPGAME App


Big Update for VIP Center on VPGAME App


Big Update for VIP Center on VPGAME App

With the newly added Gift Center to VIP homepage, VIP users can redeem gifts with reward points. If you have any questions, please go to the VIP FB group ( to contact our admin.


About Reward Points

Reward points can be obtained from predictions and related events. The points can be used to redeem different kinds of gifts and privileges. 


Reward Points and VIP Points 

VIP level is determined by VIP points, not Reward points. Users' behaviors such as redeeming privileges with rewards points and getting the returning reward points after a failed redemption will not affect the VIP points and vice versa.


Obtain Reward Points

You will obtain 1 reward point for every 100 prediction value you place. For example, you place 152 prediction value this time. Then you will obtain 1 reward point, and the rest 52 prediction value will be added to the next prediction.

VPGAME Currency to 1 Reward Point       

100 Item Value = 1 Reward Point

100 Diamond = 1 Reward Point

500,000 P Coins = 1 Reward Point


When will the system start to calculate the reward points?

New user: The system will start to calculate to reward points after the new VIP center is available online. The prediction value less than 100 and the part over 100 will be added to the next prediction value.

Current user: Besides the reward points you obtain in the same way as new users, you will get extra reward points from your history predictions. VPAGAME will calculate current users‘ prediction value from June 21, 2019 to June 22, 2020 and give the corresponding reward points to the users' account. 

Reward Points = Total Prediction Value/100. The rest part less than 100 will not be calculated. You can check the reward points in "Reward Point Details" - "History" - "Initial Reward Points". All the prediction value (Parimutuel/Fixed-odds/In-play) will be calculated.


Do the reward points have an expiration date?

Reward points don't have an expiration date at present. We will update the gifts and the rule of the reward point from time to time. And the rule will be effective after it's released.  


What can I redeem with gift points?

For now, you can only redeem the following three gifts, more gifts will be available in the future, stay tuned!

1. Payout Change Card Introduction

The payout change card will give you a chance to change the payout when you are not satisfied with the payout. And the changed payout will be calculated in a better algorithm.

The requirements to use the payout change card

1) Parimutuel prediction with items

2) The settlement time needs to be more than 5 minutes but less than 3 days

3) The original payout items should still exist in your VP inventory

At present, the card can be only used in PC, and the app will be supported in the future


2. Coupon Introduction

After successful redemption, you can check the coupons  on "My Profile - My VPGAME - Coupons"

At present, there are two types of coupons, Market Coupon and Tip Coupon.


3. Rebate Card Introduction

After redeeming a rebate card, the user will get the corresponding rebate after making predictions. Rebate will be topped up to your balance in Diamond at 1 am SGT on the next day. 

The rebate card will take effect after the successful redemption, and the card effective time is calculated from the time of successful redemption.

Rebate obtained from the rebate card is independent of the VIP Rebate event.  

Daily rebate less than 0.01 Diamond won't be counted.






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