The Son of Magnus has played his 1000th game with Alliance


The Son of Magnus has played his 1000th game with Alliance

Jerome Valdez

On April 1, the legendary Gustav “s4” Magnusson returned to Alliance as their offlaner after almost four years of leaving. As pointed out by DatDota’s Ben Steenhuisen in Twitter, s4’s reunion with Alliance put him in another exclusive list.


According to DatDota’s stats, s4 already has 1021 games with Alliance under his belt. This puts him at the 13th spot of 14 people who have crossed 1000 games under a specific team. As Noxville shared, only three more players have this active streak – Somnus (LGD), Puppey (Secret), and Arteezy (Evil Geniuses).

Over this 1021 games stretch, s4 boasts a 641-380 Win-Lose ratio with a 62.78% win rate – one of the highest in the 1000 team games club. During his return, s4 has already played 106 games with Alliance as their captain having a 55-51 record and almost 52% win rate over the past three months.

Before he became one of the veteran players in the scene, s4 had made his name as a professional Heroes of Newerth player before he transitioned to Dota 2 in 2012. S4 had a rough start, playing for three different teams throughout that year, but later, he formed No Tidehunter with AdmiralBulldog, EternalEnvy, Black^, and kizzles. After Black and kizzles left the team, s4’s former teammates – Loda and Akke, have joined him. With this roster, s4 began to showcase his plays on the Magnus which later earned him the title, Son of Magnus.

After a series of successful tournaments, EternalEnvy was replaced by EGM. Continuing their winning spree, s4’s playstyle has regarded him to be one of the best mid laners. A few months before The International 3, No Tidehunter has been picked up by Alliance. In that TI, s4’s squad only suffered three losses, one to Team DK, and two to Na’Vi on the Bo5 Grand Finals. In a winner-takes-all game 5, S4’s Puck has held off Na’Vi with his Dream Coils to allow AdmiraBulldog’s Nature’s Prophet and Loda’s Chaos Knight to rat the racks. Eventually, s4’s Coil on Dendi and Puppey cancelled their TP’s, which finally gave Alliance the window to destroy the Throne and finally win TI3. This series of plays from s4 became the birth of another Million-dollar Dream Coil.

In the next International, Alliance was not able to reach the Main Event. After the disappointing result, s4 joined Puppey, Kuroky, Notail, and Fly to form Team Secret. But after a 7th-8th place finish in The International 2015, most members left Secret, while s4 returned to Alliance. Even though the TI3 squad won tournaments again, a 7th-8th place finish at The Shanghai Major began a slump that led to a disastrous 9th-12th place finish at The International 2016.

Even though they played one more tournament after TI6, the legendary Alliance disbanded while s4 joined OG as their offlaner. With OG, he won the Kiev and Boston Major before OG crumbled and led to s4 and Fly leaving to join Evil Geniuses which later won 3rd and 5th-6th place on The International 2018 and 2019, respectively. After TI9, s4 had become an inactive member of EG until he announced his return to Alliance on the same day as his birthday.

Now, s4 is one of the six players who won an International as well as a Valve Major. In their recent performance, Alliance is heading into a decent direction as s4’s veteran experience has helped them in winning games in several online tournaments. What’s your favorite s4 play? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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