Demon denies allegations of sexual harassment


Demon denies allegations of sexual harassment


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Former Dota 2 Pro, Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho claims to have denied all allegations of harassment and misconduct. He noted that in one of the situations he misunderstood the girl, while the remaining cases seemed to be too stupid to be real for him.

First of all, DeMoN turned to the streamer Eleine. She stated that the former player tricked her into being with him in a room and persistently asked her to kiss him as he prevented her from leaving the room.

Ho noted that in that situation she misunderstood the “signs” reciprocated by the woman, but she also misinterpreted his actions. He later added that they continued to communicate – as proof of this, he cited a joint photo at The International 2014, which took place after MLG Columbus.

“I’ve always perceived our relationship as more of a friendship. Reading your post about how you felt during that incident at MLG Columbus left me speechless. I thought I was able to read you and understand your verbal and nonverbal communication. It appeared to me that my flirting was reciprocated by you. However, the prominent miscommunication between us unraveled and transformed into a heated controversy...

I agree that I can come off with this “flirtatious play boy” persona or whatever it may be—a point that needs emphasizing since so many people now believe I’m some kind of predator, creep, or that my true intentions with women are not to use, abuse, sexually assault, man handle, or, “plead” anyone for sexual favors.

Eleine, I do not expect you to accept my apology, but I am sincerely apologetic for making you feel unsafe, threatened, or mistreated. Eleine, you assume that I simply abandoned or mitigated this situation... I cannot abandon an unfair treatment without knowing it was there in the first place.”

DeMoN separately commented on other allegations. In his opinion, the story of the woman, which he allegedly led into a separate room and began to touch, has too little evidence. He said that it is built on the words of third parties, which does not make it true. Moreover, Ho considers the whole situation absurd, given that the room in which the action was supposedly taking place was not even closed.

“If this was reenacted as a movie scene, not only would the director and cast members be utterly confused, but the writer herself would be perplexed. If boy started to casually touch girl, and girl is horrified by it, she could’ve easily just walked away before he ‘grabbed her underwear.” Grabbing someone’s underwear sounds like a lot of effort.”

Ho also explained that he really loves to flirt with girls and behave defiantly, but even for him to rub an erect cock against a girl during a dance is too much. According to him, such a situation would be shameful for him.

“If I were to try to hit on a woman, i.e stranger, I would start with my ‘play boy’ pick up lines (lol), and charm. Subsequently, if and only if, I notice the feelings were reciprocated, I would then ask her if she would like to dance. I would not charge head forward dry humping her...FYI it takes a lot more than just a blink of an eye and cheap small talk to erect my penis. Speaking transparently here, even if I were to accidentally have an erection, that would not incline me to keep dancing with a girl. In actuality, I would feel extremely embarrassed and immediately pull away. “

DeMoN also repeatedly pointed out that throughout his career they tried to blame him for something and constantly spread unpleasant rumors. At the same time, he was not yet called a sexual maniac or a moral freak. Ho added that in such situations, you need to not only listen to both sides, but also provide strong evidence.

Despite the denials, DeMoN apologized to all the girls, including those whose charges he called false. He noted that he did not commit the actions indicated in the anonymous messages, but apologized for the fact that he could make someone feel uncomfortable.

“Staying away from social media for the next couple of days—weeks.  It’s been an emotionally and mentally draining week trying to articulate my message and get my point across. Never have been called a creep, predator and rapist throughout my life til now.

I’m sorry to the people I’ve ever made feel uncomfortable. I’m sorry for misreading situations but I’ve never grabbed someone's underwear nor have I rubbed myself onto someone.  These actions are not me. But again I am sorry for making the 2 anonymous’s feel the way you did.”




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