Nigma returns to the Grand Finals stage at Beyond Epic


Nigma returns to the Grand Finals stage at Beyond Epic

Jerome Valdez

Team Nigma has been struggling to return to championship form over the past few months. They played in every tournament, but their last championship win dates back to March with the WeSave Charity Play.

After that event, Nigma could not fight their way to a Grand Finals slot, but now, they finally await for their opponent in the Grand Finals as they survived an Upper Bracket run at the Beyond Epic Tournament last night.

Defeating FlytoMoon

In their first game, Nigma surprised FTM’s Phantom Lancer with a four-core strat that featured a Kuroky Lycan and Miracle’s safe lane Nature’s Prophet. With their ganks, Nigma was able to secure a very convincing win with Gh Earth Spirit involving himself in 20 of their 27 total kills with a 5/2/15 performance.


Heading into game 2, Nigma quickly lost their grip of the game as V-tune’s Ursa steamrolled over Nigma’s magic damage lineup as he carried the game with 23/6/16. However, Nigma finally sealed the deal with a Timbersaw for Miracle and W33po pick despite FTM countering with a last-pick Huskar. GH’s once again made the most impact in the game as his Phoenix proved effective against FTM’s tanky cores. With 5/2/21 on him, Gh helped W33po and the rest of Nigma secure the series win with 28-19 kill score before the 35-minute mark.


Battling with Liquid

A few hours after their win against FTM, Nigma faced off Liquid in the Upper Bracket Finals.

After sweeping Secret, Liquid replayed the Venge and Bloodseeker combo in their game 1 against Nigma. Insania Venge had 21 assists, while Micke Bloodseeker finished with 16 kills to defeat Nigma with almost a 30k lead.

In the next game, both teams went head-to-head with their low-cooldown heroes that resulted in an early game bloodbath. However, Track kills from Miracle’s Bounty Hunter carry allowed Nigma to lead in farm. Liquid tried to fight back with their Slardar-Weaver cores, but in the end of the 42-minute match, Nigma’s team play gave them the mega creeps and win. Eacg of Nigma tallied at least 18 assists for the 34-25 game 2 win.


In the deciding game, it boiled down to the battle of the safe lanes as Miracle played Ursa, while Liquid countered with a last-pick Slark for Micke. Despite Liquid playing their signature Lone Druid, Nigma’s pos 5 Windranger and Bristleback for MC. Nigma’s late game initiations with W33 Batrider allowed Nigma to close the series. In the end, Miracle finished with 11/1/10, while Gh Phoenix finished with 17 assists for their 31-21 win.


Who are they going to face?

After some rough performances, Nigma continues their improvement as they finished fourth and third in the ESL One Birmingham Online and Blast Bounty Hunt Dota 2. Now they finally have a shot in the championship stage again even though their whole team has been struggling with their Internet connection.

In their last two Grand Final appearances, Nigma both won them against Team Secret. Statistically speaking, Nigma has 100% win rate in their Grand Finals this year. It is almost certain that its going to be Secret and Liquid in the Lower Bracket Finals.

Whoever they may face, I believe that Nigma can defeat them 3-1 in the Bo5 Grand Finals, especially with Gh putting up some amazing performances in position 4. In addition, I’m starting to see Kuroky explore the flexibility of their cores in terms of draft.

It’s a bold prediction, but as long as Kuro drafts well and Gh delivers with plays, I believe that they have a good shot in winning another tournament that their fans have been craving for so long. What do you think of Nigma’s Upper Bracket run? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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