S4 , Doom Carry does not work


S4 - Doom Carry does not work

Marcus Wong

Ah, Alliance, a team that regained so much hype and attention after the return of the legendary s4. While it was all fun and games, Alliance has yet to prove their strength as a tier-1 team despite being invited to literally every online tournament that is hosted recently.

NikoBaby's Hard Carry Doom

Often times, teams would draft a reasonable late game hero that can really hit hard, usually an auto-attack hero. Meanwhile, we have s4 casually drafting Doom for their late game hard carry hero. While it isn't common to pick Doom as a viable carry, there is a good reason why Alliance drafted around it. They were trying to draft a initiation-type line-up.

By having 5 heroes that can really set up a kill on a key enemy hero, Alliance wanted to utilize the tremendous ambush potential that their team have. From a Doom who can just prevent the enemy Queen of Pain from blinking away to a Templar Assassin who has high burst damage to instantly kill QOP.

Then there are also other heroes like Mars, with his Spear and Arena of Blood combo, to zone out enemies. Even the support Disruptor ensures that their victim can never escape and Shadow Demon for setting up enemies. On paper, it definitely seemed like a strong line-up but really, they missed one important factor.

Team Liquid's Meta

Meanwhile, Team Liquid instead has a more sustainable line-up, of Lycan and Chen. While having Queen of Pain and Centaur for teamfight. NikoBaby's Doom just seemed so lackluster especially after he used his ultimate. He isn't durable enough to absorb QOP's Sonic Wave and just felt really useless as a hard carry.

Although Alliance did successfully shut down miCKe's QOP in early game, it didn't take long before miCKe recovers from the trauma. At 20 minutes, he executed a well-placed Sonic Wave onto 3 Alliance heroes, almost killing them in an instant. There was a clear flaw in Alliance draft, which is the lack of sustain and Alliance got punished for their greedy draft.

Zero Impact Hard Carry

It was clear after several late game fights that Doom is just a walking free kill. Not only did he just die in seconds to Liquid heroes but he couldn't even land a hit or skill on any Liquid heroes. It felt like a 4 versus 5 team fight every time. Even so, Limmp's Templar Assassin also could not kill anyone, not even a position 5 support.

Team Liquid easily kited TA with Heaven Halberd's Disarm before Boxi's Centaur fistfights the TA like he was nothing. There was no way that Alliance could spark a comeback with such a poor draft.

A New Draft for a Change

In the second game, Alliance finally had a decent draft to start things off. And with the right draft, Alliance was able to pull off some magnificent plays throughout the game. S4's Batrider was consistently landing important Lassos on carry heroes, especially the elusive Weaver by miCKe.

NikoBaby played his signature Morphling that everybody wants to watch and he certainly did really well, picking up Ethereal Blade at only 18 minutes. Yet, Team Liquid was able to come back from Alliance's grasp.

Once again, Team Liquid amazed everyone with their well-executed team fight. As Alliance attempts to back off from bot lane, Liquid had vision of Alliance's Earthshaker. Thus they initiated on NikoBaby's Morphling while keeping an eye for Earthshaker.

The fight triggered the turning point for Alliance's fall, as they eventually crumbled one-by-one in every fight. Despite Alliance finally picking decent drafts, it was overwhelmed by Team Liquid's potential to come back. Alliance certainly has a lot of practice to do before they could rival Team Liquid's coordination as a team. Stay tuned.




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