SUMAIL , 0 DAMAGE from Queen of Pain


SUMAIL - 0 DAMAGE from Queen of Pain

Marcus Wong

I once emailed Icefrog asking whether if DOTA2 is a luck-based game. And it responded, "NO". Well, it's a decade since then and I can finally conclude that it was a lie after all (and this story is a lie too). Anyways, Sumail literally hit jackpot in a game of DOTA2 against FlyToMoon today.

A Close Game

It is the OGA Dota PIT 2020 Online, where team OG faced FlyToMoon on the last day of group stage. Despite the odds against FlyToMoon, they did pretty well to take a game off team OG and managed to turn the best-of-3 series into a deciding one game. FlyToMoon was barely holding onto the game as both teams kept maintaining a rather insignificant gold lead.

Yet, FlyToMoon managed to get an opportunity when Sumail's Faceless Void has no Chronosphere up yet. Despite not having Void's ultimate, team OG was still confident enough to take Roshan. FlyToMoon knew what team OG was up to and decided to fight them at the Roshan's pit.

Without his Chronosphere, Sumail got caught out in a bad position where V-tune's Morphling managed to bring him down really low. All that was needed was a direct Sonic Wave ultimate by Queen of Pain to kill Sumail. Even if he managed to use BKB, Sonic Wave's damage is pure and will pierce through BKB.

Lucky Backtrack

Well, here's where Icefrog comes in with its impossible luck for Void's Backtrack passive. Void's Backtrack triggered at the perfect moment where the Sonic Wave has already passed the AOE it is attacking. Allowing Sumail to escape with barely some HP with him as the Sonic Wave dealth ZERO DAMAGE.

How lucky can Sumail get to trigger such a lucky passive? For your information, literally nothing Sumail could do to dodge that pure damage. Not BKB, not his Time Walk, just a 20% Backtrack chance from his level 25 talent.

Ah, this really brings back memories of the good old days when Faceless Void's third skill is Backtrack that can sometimes dodge Lion's Finger of Death and Lina's Laguna Blade combined! Anyways, this incident impacted the entire game as Sumail bought enough time to have his Chronosphere up while FlyToMoon had to fight against Faceless Void who has Chrono and Aegis. Of course, it spelled disaster for FlyToMoon.

Devastating Series

FlyToMoon had it so close to winning yet the game decides to favour Sumail just for once and it worked out better than expected. Despite that, FlyToMoon did a really great job at controlling the pace of the game, maintaining a neutral gold lead till late game until it all goes down here.

For instance, FlyToMoon stomped and outplayed OG in the first game, FlyToMoon overwhelmed their opponents with a 17K gold lead.


Team OG tried to prolong the game by split-pushing across every lane but they ended up getting caught alone in various locations instead. While FlyToMoon may not be everybody's favourite and is still considered a tier-2 team, there's no doubt that they are at least trying their best to defeat the favourites.

Moving Forward

With that victory, team OG sealed their spot in the upper bracket of the playoffs. The four teams that made it to the upper bracket are team OG, Alliance, Team Secret and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Well then, it seems like we will be able to watch the clash between OG and Secret really soon. Stay tuned.




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