eliminates Secret to secure a top 3 finish

收藏 eliminates Secret to secure a top 3 finish

Jerome Valdez

After the surprising upsets and a new patch yesterday, the second day of the Playoffs concluded with two teams eliminated.

Chicken Fighters sweep Team Spirit

Even with a first-phase pick Terrorblade, CF still crushed the 9th pick Gyro on Team Spirit. Early on, CF exchanged supports for the cores of Team Spirit as Charlie TB farmed. With a great scan bait, Chicken Fighters were able to grow a 10k lead and snowball into victory.


With a heavy-hitting Terrorblade, Charlie finished with 14/0/10 while Saberlight Brewmaster secured 27 assists in the 40-minute win.

In game 2, Spirit played a last pick mid Nature’s Prophet for Ergon against the late game Anti-mage for CF. CF had the early game lead, but Spirit recovered by securing a second Aegis. However, CF’s teamfight popped the Aegis and started to reclaim the lead. CF’s cores took over and finally won the series in 36 minutes. The 30-16 kill score had Supream Monkey King and Charlie AM tally 8 kills, while Saberlight Mars led with 8/6/19. outplays and eliminates Secret

In game 1, picked up their signature heroes – Mars and Queen of Pain against a mid Nature’s Prophet and carry Riki of Secret. Early domination from secured the lead, but Secret’s teamfight also extended the game. However, Shad’s Spectre and’s teamfight were too strong for Secret to recover without any buybacks as they call gg behind Shad’s 9/1/19 in the 41-minute victory.

With a Medusa mid for Matu, Secret drafted game 2 together with their Mars and Monkey King combo, while played a first pick Lycan. Secret managed to protect Matu with the rotations from their supports, but did not back out in teamfights so they can take the lead. continued on the offense as Boom Queen of Pain controlled the map with his aggressive jumps to remove Medusa’s Rapier and force Secret to kill gg after a team wipe. They eliminate Secret in a 43-minute win behind Boom’s 18/1/11 and 23 assists from Aramis Rubick.


Virtus.Pro sends OG down to the Lower Bracket

A last pick Invoker on Sumail did not go well for OG as the teamfight of Virtus.Pro stomped them. Even though the small networth lead swung back-and-forth, VP began to take over as NoOne Death Prophet and iLTW Ember Spirit rolled over OG. OG tried to hold on with their pickoffs, but the quick response and teamfight from VP was too much for a carry Nature’s Prophet and offlane BH. So at 40 minutes, OG called gg at 53-18 kill score behind the at least 14 kills each of VP’s cores and at least 26 assists on all of them.

For game 2, Virtus.Pro played another Techies and Axe offlane, while OG went for the Pugna and Beastmaster duo once more. Both teams clawed for the early game advantage from fights, but it was the Zayac Techies that gave VP the edge.


OG obtained some pickoffs and threatened high ground, but in a very scrambled teamfight, a clutch Sprout saved NoOne Sniper to turn the fight in their favor. OG retaliated, but they were not able to outlast the Techies mines and the overall damage of VP. With no more buybacks, OG gives VP the series sweep in 51 minutes at 41-29 kill score behind Zayac’s 11/6/14, while Solo’s pos 5 Nature’s Prophet secured 23 assists. enters the top three after defeating Chicken Fighters

For game 1, a last pick Storm Spirit for went against the CF’s four melee and tanky heroes.  Rotations from Boom Storm and Seleri Chen secured some coordinated pushes with Shad Lycan. With Boom setting up, Shad Lycan got enough farm to stomp CF and force them to call gg before the 23-minute mark. At 27-5 kill score, took the series lead from Boom’s 11/1/11 and 16 assists from Seleri Chen.

For game 2, a last pick Death Prophet completed the four-protect-one draft around Charlie Troll, while played an Ember Spirit carry and Dragon Knight mid. Early pushes and pressure from Death Prophet and Troll pinned down in a 22-minute, 13-1 victory to even the series.

In the deciding game, a last pick Alchemist on CF was not against the Broodmother of Boom. With Diffu, Aghs, and BKB by 27 minutes, Boom Broodma helped secure mega creeps with the carry Ursa and offlane Snapfire. With their combos, wins the series before 32 minutes under Shad Ursa’s 11/3/7 and 20 assists on Seleri Chen over the 33-9 stomp.

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With this victory, the last day of the Playoffs later will commence with a Semi-finals match between and OG where the winner will face the undefeated Virtus.Pro in a Bo5 Grand Finals. Can VP easily take the tournament? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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