Alliance and Nigma are eliminated in ESL Online Playoffs Day 1


Alliance and Nigma are eliminated in ESL Online Playoffs Day 1

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Nigma and Alliance got cheesed while Secret is swept by OG.

The opening day of the Playoffs began with four amazing series from both the Lower and Upper Bracket. Needless to say, the Playoffs opened with some great upsets.

Chicken Fighters upset Nigma in three games

A very aggressive game 1 between the teamfight combos of Nigma and CF created early 4v5 fights while Miracle Morph free farmed. With their own combos, CF was able to take some pickoffs and won some fights. But when Miracle joined the fight, CF had a hard time dealing with them as Nigma fought them in the Rosh to swing the game in their favor. Although CF dragged the game for longer, Nigma just split CF apart and forced them to call gg at a 51-23 kill score in 38 minutes from Miracle's 16/1/14 and 35 assists from W33 Mars.

In game 2, CF brought four of their five heroes from game 1 and took a last pick Meepo mid, while Nigma played at it with a pos 5 Sniper on Kuroky. In the early game, the Kuro Sniper was effective against CF, but they were not able to shut down the Meepo. After securing his items, Supream Meepo ran amok, but great high ground defense from Nigma almost turned the game in their favor with a Miracle Phantom Lancer with Rapier.

CF held on to their lead and finished the game in 48 minutes with 21/6/16 on Supream and 27 assists on Saberlight Axe.

For the third time in a row, CF played their Wyvern and Phoenix support combo against the Miracle Gyro and W33 Mars. Nigma took the early game with some pushes, but the first build Basher on Charlie Troll paid off as they chased down Nigma and increased their lead. From there, Nigma was individually picked off and with no more buybacks, Chicken Fighters kicks Nigma off the Playoffs in a 27-minute, 20-16 victory. reverse sweeps Alliance

Alliance played a first pick Death Prophet to synergize with his Riki carry, while responded with a last pick Alche. After winning all their lanes, Alliance quickly grouped up and set up pushes and teamfights with the stand-in Sneyking Grimstroke setting up combos. Even though Alche hit his item timings, Alliance just ran at them and eventually win the game in 32 minutes at 39-11 behind Limmp DP's 16/1/17 while S4 Centaur recorded 24 assists.

A last pick Broodmother from rattled Alliance into switching roles that resulted into a mid Dazzle, offlane Zeus, and pos 5 Nature's Prophet. Early on, Boom Broodma secured some farm while Alliance rotated, but as soon as he finished Diffu and Aghs, Broodma led the offense. Alliance prolonged the game by ratting, but the damage and items to counter the Nikobaby Phantom Assassin were too much (). evened the series at 29-14 kill score from Boom's 15/0/4 and 15 assists from Tobi Mars.

In the deciding game, both teams went for the late game. Alliance took the mid game with the Spectre, but held on to the late game for their Anti-mage. Both of them went back and forth but Alliance showed signs of taking the lead as they took two sets of racks and expose the Throne. However, a Rapier purchase from Shad AM allowed them to go all out even though Spectre quickly took it. They countered push and contested Rosh, but after long, intense fights and 0 buybacks, delivered another upset. They win the game 47-42 in 55 minutes behind Shad's 21/5/10 and Tobi Mars' 33 assists. sweeps Team Spirit

Team Spirit opened game 1 with a Huskar and Wraith King core, while went for the teamfight that revolved around AM. VP started strong with their lanes and immediately connected for pushes but Team Spirit tried to lower the pressure by winning some teamfights. However, iLTW's AM was so farmed that Spirit had to call it before the 32-minute mark.

With a last pick Monkey King on NoOne,'s well-rounded draft just stomped the Phantom Assassin of Team Spirit. Although they did not win all their lanes, VP immediately set up teamfights and took kills all over the map. In 18 minutes, Team Spirit just gives up after VP secured the bot racks. VP secures a top 3 finish from NoOne's 13/1/4 and Zayac Enigma's 13 assists.

OG takes down Secret 2-0

In game 1, the King with Ping returns to mid as Sumail played a mid Void Spirit against the Bristleback carry of Secret. Early on, rotations from OG gave Secret little space and time to farm as they invade their side of the map. Secret fought back against the Ceb Necrophos, but the pressure from OG was too much as they call gg in 18 minutes at 21-8 kill score behind Sumail's 5/0/10.

For the second game, Secret's teamfight combo went against a safe lane Chen and mid Gyro of OG. Early on, Secret had of the early game with their aggressive rotations and forced fights. With every kills and won teamfight, Secret steadily built a 40k gold lead. But with a 35-minute Rapier purchase on Sumail Gyro, they were able to defend their bot racks. From there, OG showed signs of comeback. With BKB, Aghs, Satanic, and Heart, Gyro purchased two more Rapier to win the game in 57 minutes at 50-33 kill score from Sumail's 16/4/16 and the rest of OG securing at least 20 assists each.

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After the first day of the Playoffs, Chicken Fighters will face Team Spirit and Secret will face all from the Lower Bracket while OG will go against in the Upper Bracket Finals. What do you think about today's matches? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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