Gaming Rules and Regulations


Gaming Rules and Regulations


Gaming Rules & Regulations

By Gaming in VPGAME, you're bound to agree with our rules and regulations.


A) Games & Matches

1.The positioning of the teams (left or right) in our open matches does not represent Home or Guest/Away team.

2.Gaming in Football matches - The final results of every football matches include the Stoppage Time, but not the Extra Time. That said, goals scored after the 90 minutes (including Stoppage Time) will not be taken as part of the final result.

3.Gaming in Basketball matches - The final results of every basketball matches include the counting of the Over Time if the match goes tie.

Check "Introduction to Predictions " to view more details about sports prediction.

4.The parimutuel prediction will be closed before the match starts, you could place/cancel the prediction or switch the team before it gets closed. But the prediction cannot be canceled within 10 minutes before the match starts. And for esports prediction, you cannot switch the team within 30 seconds before the match starts while in sports prediction, the time is 3 minutes. Once you already canceled the prediction and switched the team for 10 times(cancel+switch), you are not allowed to cancel or switch anymore. As for the fixed-odds prediction, it will be closed before the match starts. You cannot switch the team or cancel the prediction once it’s placed successfully in fixed-odds prediction or in-play prediction.

Explanation of quit/disconnect/forfeit match:

a. In a match, if a team quits/disconnect/forfeits the match after finishing Ban/Pick phase or have played the first round (CSGO), we would cancel all unsettled predictions. If the quit/disconnect/forfeit happened during Ban/Pick phase, the match will be canceled.

b.In all matches except for Best of One (BO1) match, if team A quits/disconnect/forfeits one game, but team A still plays the next games, then all unsettled predictions related to the quits/disconnect/forfeits game and the whole series will be canceled, others will be settled according to the match result. If all the following games are determined as quits/disconnect/forfeits games, then all unsettled predictions will be canceled. 

5.Gaming in CS:GO matches – Similar as the Dota 2 matches, CS:GO matches are under the usual match system of Bo1, Bo2, Bo3, Bo5 (or any numbers of games). In which a single game, consist of 30 rounds. The winner of the game is determined by the team who are able to be the first to win 16 rounds. If any forfeit situation occurred, under normal circumstances, the decision made by VPGAME will be the same as Rule A4.

Special Situation:

a. If a team quits/disconnect/forfeits before the knife battle phase (special phase to determine the CT/T side choosing right), the match will be canceled.

b. If a team quits/disconnect/forfeits during knife battle phase, the opponent of the quit/disconnect/forfeit team will claim the victory of the match.

Note: Cancellation on quit/disconnect/forfeit matches exclude handicap, first 10 kills & first blood matches, or any matches which already pay out earlier. It is only limited to usual match winning Gaming matches. The cancellation will be made by referring to official host/referee final decision/judgment.

6.The parimutuel prediction will be closed before the match starts, you could place/cancel the prediction or switch the team before it gets closed. And you can cancel a single prediction for 10 times at most. Once you already canceled it for 10 times, you are not allowed to cancel it anymore. As for the fixed-odds prediction, it will be closed before the match starts. You cannot switch the team or cancel the prediction once it’s placed successfully in fixed-odds prediction or in-play prediction.

7. For matches that do not follow the initial schedule: Delay Matches, closing time will be decided with accordance to the situation; Match Started Earlier without prior notice, will be closed immediately. If you want to make change on your prediction, please do it on time to avoid unnecessary losses.

8. Due to the unexpected situation, if the match gets paused/postponed or ended early, the predictions will be retained for 12 hours. If the match is confirmed to start within 12 hours, the prediction can be continued. All the predictions are still valid. If the match is confirmed to be postponed for more than 12 hours or there is no certain postponed match date announced, the predictions will be canceled.

9. If a remake happened to the ended match due to the unexpected situation, VPGAME will not refer to the new result and will settle the predictions basing on the origin match result. If the remake happens to an ongoing match, we will take actions as below

a. For the settled predictions, we will not change the prediction result.

b. For e-sports match remake, if a remake takes place before the predictions become settleable and the match will start in 12 hours with the lineup/maps staying the same, all unsettled predictions will be settled according to the remake match result. If the match starts in 12 hours later or the lineup/maps have changed, we will cancel all unsettled predictions. If a remake takes place after the prediction becomes settleable, it will be settled according to the completed match result before the remake and other available predictions will be canceled. The lineup does not include the roster change. 

c. For the sports match remake, no matter the match is finished or not, once the tournament organizer demands a remake, the related unsettled predictions will be canceled.

10. For Match Duration predictions, if the match ends precisely at the over/under borderline, this prediction will be canceled. For example, for a Dota2 match duration over/under 33.5 minutes prediction, if the game ends precisely at 33:30 in-game time. We will cancel the Duration prediction for this match.

11.VPGAME administrator will never change the match information after the match is published for gaming. Match information such as handicap, number of games to be play, upper bracket advantages, teams etc are confirmed at the moment it is open for Gaming. If any of the information for the match is wrong, the match will be canceled. It will depend on the situation whether the canceled match is to be recreated.

12. If a team is forfeited before the match starts (for whatever reason it is), regardless of whether the winning team decision is made by the organizer/referee, the related match will still be canceled by VPGAME.

13. If a match has started and still yet to be closed for Prediction (Parimutuel and FIxed-odds), below is the action which we will take.

We will cancel all the related predictions.  

This situation usually occurred when the match is being played offline without a spectator or broadcaster, or the organizer did not inform in advance that the game will be starting earlier, or it is merely the mistake by VPGAME administrator.

14. It does not matter how many stand-in/substitutions in the team, or even a team without full members, once the match started, they are representing the team and the match will be counted.

15. F10K/F5K predictions will be settled strictly based on the in-game score board ( As in whichever team reaches 10 kills/5kills in in-game score board will be considered as the winner of related predictions)

16. First Blood predictions will be settled strictly based on the in-game notifications (As in whichever team claimed the kill with the in-game notification “PLAYER A drew first blood by killing PLAYER B” will be considered as the winner of related predictions. If no first blood notification was announced in game, related predictions will be canceled)

17. If a remake takes place befor any prediction(F10K,FB,etc) becomes settleable, all predctions will be settled according to the stats of the remake. If a remake takes place after one prediction(F10K,FB,etc) becomes settleable, settleable predictions will be settled according the first match and other predictions will be e canceled.

18. VPGAME settles the predictions basing on the real match result and will not just take the result given by the organizer. We will also refer to the result of other websites. If the tournament organizer determines a new match result for an ended match, we will not resettle the settled predictions and will settle or cancel the unsettle predictions due to the real match result.

B) The Values

1.Value for each items is determined by the Steam Market. VPGAME updates items value according to the prices changed in the Steam Market (notification will be posted). For those items that have low trading volume will not be allowed to use for Gaming until it has a stable trading volume. If you do not agree with the value for you item that is given by our system, you can either place a different item, or do not use it for Gaming at all.

2.In come case, when your potential reward value is below the lowest item value of VPGAME, there is a chance of you not be winning anything, aside from the returning of your prediction item.

3.Single item of Gaming shall not exceed the value of $250. New released items are not allowed for Gaming as well, until the price is stable in the Steam Market. VPGAME will manually restrict items that have fluctuating prices. If you won an item that is not bet-able, please contact the tech support by logging a report. The exchange will be based on the item of same value.

4.Each match payout value is determined by the total Gaming value of both sides. The potential reward shown during the Gaming is not the final payout value. The payout value will be finalized when the match is closed for Gaming.

5.There is a limit on total of items/P coins you can put in gaming for each match. The limitation is only imposed individually for Dota 2, CS:GO and P coins. As below,

a. Dota 2 – 24 items

b. CS:GO – 24 items

c. P coins – 1,000,000

C) Inventory

1.VPGAME system only recognize the type of item but not the attributes of your item, such as name tags, description of tags, sockets, runes or gems attached to your item. Please be extra be careful on what you put on gaming, as VPGAME is not responsible on any of the loss of quality item.

D) The Gameplay

1.Different ways of Gaming.

a. Handicap in Match: Usually the stronger team is the one who are giving out handicap points. The handicap match will show the handicapped team name, the symbol of minus and the number representing the handicap points. Due to handicap points to be factor into the result of the match, hence the final result for the handicap match might be different from the actual result.


In a Bo3, the handicap match labeled with [Team A -1.5]. Even though in the actual result Team A won by 2-1 against Team B, but after factoring in the handicap points of 1.5 (2 minus 1.5 = 0.5), the final result for the handicap match is Team A lost with 0.5-1 against Team B.

b. First 10 Kills: It means whichever team to get the first 10 kills in the Dota 2 in-game scoreboard.

c. First Blood: It means whichever team to get the first blood by referring to Dota 2 console notification. If there is no notification (hero killed by enemy creep/tower), this First Blood gaming match will be canceled.

d. Handicap in Rounds: This type of handicap only happened in CS:GO. Due to each of CS:GO game consists of 30 rounds, whichever team who first wins 16 rounds will be the winner of the match, in which the handicap in rounds work as below:


In game 1, the handicap in rounds match labeled as [Team A -2.5]. If the game ended with result of Team A 16-14 Team B, but after factoring in the handicap points of 2.5 (16 minus 2.5 = 13.5), the final result for the handicap in rounds will be 13.5-14, which Team B actually won by 0.5 point in the handicap match.

E) Match Clearing

1.Clearing a match will take in consideration of the actual outcome instead of just following the referee or host’s decision, or to solely depending on the word "GG" in the in-game chat box. There was a real case happened before, in which the winning team lost because of a silly mistake.

Actual Case: In SL10, Team Virtus Pro definitely winning the game, but they accidentally typed GG while in the midst of destroying enemy throne. The host of the game gave them a lost. However, in VPGAME point of view, we accept team Virtus Pro as the final winner.

2.For any match done with all the payouts, if the match had ended, any situation occurred resulting in with new judgment or result by the host or referee of the match, VPGAME will not recognize the new judgment or result, and to maintain the payout decision according to the original ended match. While if the match is still ongoing, VPGAME will recognize the new judgment or result, and update the payout decision according to the new match result.

3.Users who put gaming in match which has deciding factor in advance, such as First 10 Kills and First Blood etc, may receive the payout earlier before the game ends.

4.Under special circumstances, we will maintain the match status as “Live” for internal discussion and verification before clearing.

5.Performance of teams will not be part of VPGAME consideration in clearing match.

VPGAME Game Discussion Area Rules

VPGAME is dedicated to build an entertainment that full of wonderful and interesting atmosphere.In order to guarantee that,we have made the game discussion area rules as followed.Please be strictly observed.

1、Prosperity、Democracy、Civility、Harmony,Freedom、Equality、Justice、Rule of Law,Patriotism、Dedication、Integrity、Friendship;

2、Forbid to use rude,dirty,political,pornographic,violent,advertising information as your ID or profile pictures.No matter who violates will be banned to post for 24 hours.For serious cases,we will ban forever.

3、You will be banned to post for 24 hours and be deleted all post records if violate the rules as followed.The one who refuses to mend his way will be banned forever.

Prohibit malicious personal attack.For serious cases,we will ban forever.Please be civilized.

Forbid to spam: Use meaningless words and emoticion only;Irrelevant with activity topic;Post unconfirmed/controversial topic.You will be banned to post in accordance with the seriousness of the case.The most serious will be banned forever.

We will delete your post and ban forerver if serious when we find your post with advertisement or link.

4、Every member in VPGAME has right for monitoring,reporting and suggesting.If you question why you are banned forever,please jion our online service to plead.

Anyting without mentioned will be punnished if break the rules judging by management team.

Please cherish VPGAME as a platform for easy entertainment, to jointly maintain the healthy growth of the platform!

VPGAME reserves the ultimate rights of the explanation for rules & regulations above. So place your gaming at your own risk!!!




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