Sumail's mid Ember and a carry Chen sweeps Nigma in Day 1


Sumail's mid Ember and a carry Chen sweeps Nigma in Day 1

Jerome Valdez

Regarded as two of the strongest regions, the ESL Los Angeles Online Regional Leagues combines EU/CIS for a 16-team brawl. To open the Bo3 Group Stage, 8 teams went head-to-head on the first day of this Regional League. speedruns Gambit Esports

In the opening series, showed how their small tournament appearances paid off as they crush Gambit Esports in two 23-minute games. In game 1, the Vikings’ mid laner Boom rotated with his Monkey King to create massive space for their Anti-mage to quickly snowball with the 24-6 kill score.

In game 2, Gambit played a teamfight-oriented draft against’s cores of Lycan, Jugg, and Timbersaw. Despite lacking some teamfights, just dominated Gambit with some solo pickoffs and quick pushes to complete the sweep at 17-7 kill score behind Boom’s Timbersaw who finished with 3/1/10.

OG sweeps Nigma in classic OG style

Even though OG is not at full power, Ceb and 33 standing-in for them was more than enough as they took down Team Nigma in two convincing games. For game 1, the King Sumail returns to the mid lane with his Ember Spirit as OG gave Nigma flashbacks of the TI9 Grand Finals. OG overpowered the carry Nature’s Prophet of Miracle as they just picked off the rest of Nigma to claim two sets of racks and quickly went for the Throne. Sumail’s 21/2/14 gave OG the series lead at 34 minutes and 38-11 kill score.

In game 2, OG switched it up big time as they put Ceb Legion Commander at mid and 33 Chen as the carry. With Domi, Drums, and Pipe, Chen led OG into taking down Miracle Anti-mage using his Centaur Army Even though Nigma tried to hold, the pushing power of OG was strong enough to claim megas and force Nigma to call gg at 22 minutes. Sumail Gyrocopter contributed 7/2/7, while Notail Earthshaker gave 10 assists at the 22-10 series sweep.

Virtus.Pro snatches the series away from HellRaisers

HellRaisers showed great form in the first game, but after that, VP recovered from their mistakes and took the series win. For game 1, HR’s teamfight draft annihilated the combos of VP. At 31-4, Rodjer’s Mirana gave HR the needed advantage for their Faceless Void and Huskar to win the game in  30 minutes.

For game 2, a better VP showed up with a last pick Sniper for NoOne who first built a Necro book. The Grimstroke and Lich combo helped their stand-in – ILTW on his Slark to take down the Riki carry of HR. At their 37-minute win, NoOne finished with 10/2/15, while Resolution’s Mars scored 20 assists.

In the last game, VP just ran them over with their Troll Warlord and NoOne’s Leshrac. VP’s pressure prohibited the Riki and Templar Assassin of HR to recover, so at 22 minutes, VP wins the series with 9 kills from NoOne and 8 assists from Solo’s Oracle.

Cyber Legacy defeats B8

In the last series of the day, B8 started strong in game 1 with a 19-minute win behind Xcalibur’s mid Morphling, while Dendi took the Dragon Knight to top, while KingR’s Mirana secured 13 assists to force CL to call gg at 23-8 kill score.

For game 2, CL finally countered the Morphling-DK duo of B8 as they played into teamfight with Ember, Mars, Snapfire, Mirana, and Wraith King. Because of CL winning teamfight after teamfight, B8 failed to catch up and finally called gg at 31 minutes with 38-11 kill score behind the 29 assists of Last Hero’s Mars and Palantimos’ 15/1/14 on WK to even the series.

In the deciding game, another WK was played by CL together with a mid Dazzle from Pikachu. With the help of the Grimstroke, Lich, and Centaur combos, CL were able to disrupt the teamfight-oriented draft of B8 with Void, Mars, Snapfire, Rubick, and Pugna. With his army of Skletetons, WK and the rest of CL pushed hard and did not give B8 any chance to take the lead. By the end of 27 minutes, B8 loses 18-9 from Dazzle’s 3/0/11 and WK’s 5/1/11.

After the action-packed series, Day 1 concluded with, OG, Virtus.Pro, and Cyber Legacy taking the early lead in Group A. Can they keep this lead throughout the tournament? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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