Nigma defeats HR in 5; NA 3v3 AR,DM concludes WeSave


Nigma defeats HR in 5; NA 3v3 AR-DM concludes WeSave

Jerome Valdez

Raising over $187K USD to fight Corona, the WeSave! Charity Play concludes its noble tournament with a Bo5 Grand Finals between EU and CIS winner, Nigma and Hell Raisers. After the intense series, the final day closed with a very fun 3v3 between NA's stars.

Image taken from Nigma's Twitter (@teamnigma)

EU vs CIS: Nigma reigns superior

Opening the Grand Finals is a mid Earth Spirit for Nigma, but HellRaisers kept and took the pace of the game from Nigma as they swung at each other to keep the lead to their side. However, the long and drawn-out fights in the later stages of the game favored Nigma and after exhausting everyone's buybacks, Nigma takes game 1 at 42-47 at 49 minutes behind Miracle Phantom Assassins 17/5/14 and Mind Control Slardar's 23 assists who both had Rapiers to end the match.

Even though HR had an Alchemist mid, the 4v5 early on was not a problem for them as Nix Riki hunted Nigma constantly. Miracle Anti-mage farmed up, but even without any Alche, HR handled them well and the moment Alche joined, it was over for Nigma as they even the series 31 minutes in. The 37-22 win came from Nix Riki's 20/0/10 and 28 assists from Miposhka Oracle.

In game 3, Nigma had control of the map with the early game kills, but with HR landing multi-hero combos with Mars, Monkey King, and Queen of Pain's ults, Nigma had no chance to escape. HR caught up on kills and regained map control and from there, HR did not let go of the brakes as Nigma calls gg at 38 minutes. The 34-23 victory is pushed by Xannii QoP's 20/1/7 while Funnik Mars' landed 27 assists.

For game 4, Nigma drafted Dazzle, Beastmaster, Grimstroke, Tusk, and Meepo. While HR played Bristleback, Enchantress, Kunkka, Pangolier, and Weaver. From the get-go, W33 Meepo hunted for kills around the map as he is assisted by Miracle Dazzle. HR tried to played aggressively and outpace them, but the W33po show did not care as Nigma takes game 4 at 22 minutes. W33's 15/0/7 along with Gh Tusk and Kuroky Grimstroke 17 assists each evened the series at 26-17.

In the last game, both teams have similar drafts from game 4 except this time, the Meepo was replaced by Miracle Morphling, and the Weaver is replaced with Rodjer Elder Titan. HR led in kills all throughout, but they failed to check up on Miracle. With Grimstroke and Beastmaster ult combos, Nigma was able to catch up and with the W33 Dazzle and Miracle Morph duo, Nigma began to dominate in fights. After 47 minutes of action with 22-29 kill score, Nigma becomes the champions of EU and CIS after Miracle doubled the highest networth of HR at 44k gold and 15/2/6 while Gh Tusk gave 15 assists.

You can watch WePlay's own highlights here: 

NA 3v3: WeSave! Tango wins the AR-DM

Image taken from WePlay's Twitter (@WePlayEsport)

After reaching their third stretch goal at $160K, the WeSave! Charity Play concludes with an all-star match between the voted players of NA.

The WeSave! Tango consisted of Business Associates' Fear, Brax, and Moo, while WeSave! Mango was represented by Cloud9's Sneyking, Misery, and Pieliedie. In this match, the teams played in an All-random Death Match mode where players change their heroes each time they die.

Both teams started with a 42-42 kill score that represents the number of heroes each team has left. With every kill and respawn, the counter is reduced by one. With Mango rolling up with a Disruptor, Batrider, and Lycan combo, they were able to diminish Tango's hero pool as they exchange some playful banter in chat. Tango secured the mid racks before they were killed by the Axe, Enchantress, and Tiny lineup.

Watch the full VOD:

With Tango's Necrobooks and Dagons, they were able to take the heroes down to 32-11 as they finish the Throne under 30 minutes. The last event of the day showed viewers of the true goal of the charity as the in-game names as well as the players reminded everyone of what we can all do to prevent the spread of Corona Virus.

This tournament has been more than successful in delivering great dota and supporting a greater cause. The volunteer teams and talents surely had fun to bring us fans some quality dota to help us stay at home. What was your favorite part of the tournament? Let WePlay feel your appreciation by sharing your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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