LGD quickly sweeps VG to be the CN Champions of WeSave


LGD quickly sweeps VG to be the CN Champions of WeSave

Jerome Valdez

A brawl between the Chinese titans opened the second half of the Grand Finals at the WeSave! Charity Play. PSG.LGD went head-to-head with Vici Gaming in a Bo5. However, the one-sided action from LGD marks their triumph with one of the quickest sweeps to become the Champions of China.

Game 1 : LGD runs over Vici

Radiant had Eurus Juggernaut, Ori Ursa, Yang Centaur, Pyw Rubick, and Dy Grimstroke. The Dire had LGD on Chalice Dragon Knight, Somnus Void Spirit, eLeVeN Bristleback, Fy Phoenix, and xNova Ogre Nagi.

A violent start at the bottom yield quick kills from both trilanes, but rotations on the bot by Void Spirit gave LGD a small a lead as they take the first tower before 10 minutes. As LGD pushed mid, VG responded to defend their tower by catching DK, but still lost a 3-2 trade as Void Spirit took out the backline.

LGD continued to run with their momentum as they picked up kills as five to bump the score at 18-8 by 16 minutes as they claim the bot T2 tower. LGD picks up the Aegis on Void Spirit. LGD meets VG at the Radiant mid T2 but with initiation from Void Spirit and a Vessel on Phoenix, VG quickly lost three heroes.

LGD claim to the top T3 and dove VG to force them to call gg at 22 minutes with 27-8 kill score with Fy finishing at 11/1/13 and Somnus having 9/1/12, while eLeVeN tanked up for 15 assists.

Game 2: LGD stampedes over Vici

The Radiant had LGD on Chalice Lone Druid, Somnus Ember Spirit, eLeVeN Centaur, Fy Windranger, and xNova Chen. On the other hand, VG played Eurus Sven, Ori Void Spirit, Yang Dark Seer, Pyw Nyx, and Dy Wyvern.

After the laning phase, a 4v4 brawl happened at the mid lane. Despite the low HP, Ember returns to the fight with the rest of LGD and secure a 5-2 trade as they destroy all T1 towers by 11 minutes.

Dark Seer baits Windranger and LD, but survived as Void Spirit responded to kill WR and bring down LD to near-death. Vici chased the low-hp LD, but LGD saved him and countered with a 4-1 trade to push the score at 14-4. VG struggled to find kills as the Hand of God and Stampedes foiled their ganks.

16 minutes in, LGD attempts a Rosh, but VG goes in with a smoke. LGD jumps onto Wyvern for a quick kill and return to Rosh and claim Aegis for Ember. VG goes for another smoke and finds LGD on the Dire jungle, but a three-man Stomp from Centaur on the back line put the nail in the coffin of VG at 18 minutes. LGD`s strong lineup proved superior with a 21-4 kill score behind Somnus’ 8/1/8 and 11 assists on Chen.

Game 3: LGD hits their timings right

Vici played for Radiant with Eurus Monkey King, Ori Razor, Yang Batrider, Pyw Lion, and Dy Earthshaker. While LGD drafted Chalice Lifestealer, Somnus mid Earth Spirit, eLeVeN Abaddon, Fy Rubick, and xNova Luna.

As soon as Earth Spirit hit level 6, LGD grouped up to secure kills with a Kick + Stun combo from Luna, allowing LGD to take down towers take the lead. However, Vici Gaming began to retaliate as they Lasso Lifestealer into MK’s ult, resulting in a 3-2 trade in their favor.

LGD controlled Radiant’s side of the map, but VG pushed them out towards the river as they burst Rubick. However, a four-man Magnetize led into an Ultra Kill for Lifestealer who just finished his Armlet and Deso as they secure Rosh for Chalice at 20 minutes.

LGD threatened the mid racks. They intercept VG at the top jungle, but the engagement from the 10 heroes left none dead. PSG.LGD smokes as four and with Lifestealer Infesting an Earth Spirit with Halberd and Crsytalys, they send Razor into their side and quickly take him down through BKB, but still were not able to take down the mid racks.

Another Infest Bomb catches Razor once more and chases Batrider to remove two cores. However, a four-man Echo and Wukong’s Command comes in, but the Lifestealer pre-emptively casted Rage and with sustains from Abaddon, LGD turned the fight around and kill the remaining Vici for the series win.

The 30-minute, 31-14 victory behind Chalice’s 13/1/8 and eLeVeN’s 18 assists on Abaddon crowns PSG.LGD as your WeSave! China Champions after one of the quickest Bo5 sweeps ever.

With this victory, LGD solidifies their return by stomping a strong contender such as Vici. Their new lineup showed a very strong result over China’s strongest teams currently. What can you say about this series victory? Is LGD finally back? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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