Adroit, HellRaisers, and EG emerge as regional champions


Adroit, HellRaisers, and EG emerge as regional champions

Jerome Valdez

After an exciting semi-finals, the first day of the WeSave! Grand Finals featured the Bo5 on SEA, CIS, and NA. With the top teams clashing, the opening Grand Finals showed some amazing series. Let us look at some highlights of each series.

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SEA: Adroit take Geek Fam out in 5 games

Known for the massive onslaught in pubs, Adroit and Geek Fam deliver an awesome Bo5 series. Games 1 and 4 were taken by Geek Fam after punishing Adroit with their greedy drafts, outmaneuvering them in ganks and positioning. Meanwhile, games 2 and 3 were taken by Adroit by punishing the Anti-mage's items late game as well as an innovative mid Underlord to shut down Geek Fam’s very mobile draft.

In the exciting game 5, both teams cannot pull away from each other after a lot of five-on-five brawls. Adroit had taken a sizable lead, but Karl Void Spirit purchase a Rapier to keep the game alive. Both teams heavily contested Rosh, but as the rest of Adroit distracts Geek Fam, their Razor secures the fourth Aegis, Refresher, and Cheese, while he gives the Aghanims Blessing on Lycan. As they join the fight, they obtain the Rapier from Void Spirit. The game went on until 60 minutes and Karl had another Rapier. But Adroit’s offlane Mars with a Rapier and turned into a wolf, Geek Fam can’t do anything anymore as they are wiped at 62 minutes before their Throne fell. The 39-27 onslaught ended with Mac mid Razor’s 17/6/14, while the roaming Clockwerk of Boomy recorded the game-high 25 assists to be crowned as the tournament’s SEA Champions.

CIS: HellRaisers dominate Na’Vi

The next championship series of the day was between HellRaisers and Na’Vi. In game 1, HR shut down the Anti-mage carry with a last pick mid Broodmother who tore apart the backline of Na’Vi while a Leshrac and Nyx on Xanii and Rodjer synchronized their skills to catch AM. AM tried to rat, but HR choked his teammates inside their own base. With the magic damage and physical damage from the scary Broodma, Na’Vi stood no chance as they call gg at 32 minutes. Nix Broodma’s 11/1/3 while Miposhka Shadow Demon tallied 12 assists.

For game 2, a mid Batrider and Riki carry took out the magic damage of Na’Vi. Even with a Disruptor and Naga combo, HR did not gave them much of the chance to execute it as they pick off kills even before the fight started. With 50-32 at 43 Minutes, HR wins with Nix Riki’s 23 kills and Xannii Batrider’s 32 assists.

To complete the sweep, the Rodjer and Funnik Duo showed up with an Elder Titan and Void Spirit combo to rotate and secure kills. It was a bit of an even game, but when Nix Medusa had Manta at 14 minutes, things went wrong with Na’Vi’s teamfight. They tried to rat, but the disables from HR were too much as Medusa just snowballed with a Rapier and ended the series at 32 minutes. With 32-13 Rodjer and Miposhka Vengeful Spirit tallied 20 assists each while Funnik scored 11 kills.

NA: Evil Geniuses make a gentleman’s sweep

For the last series of the day, EG featured interesting teamfights to take down CR4ZY. In game 1, Arteezy showed up big time with his last pick Alchemist to shut down the enemy Phantom Lancer carry. 14 minutes in he already has Radiance and Halberd. EG did not look back as they forced CR4ZY to submit at 30 minutes with 27-13 kill score behind Arteezy’s 10/0/7 and BuLba Beastmaster’s 15 assists.

For game 2, CR4ZY’s lineup ensured a good early game for their Anti-mage, allowing them to take the lead. However, Rtz Wraith Kings 24-minute Silver Edge helped EG comeback to the game. With Kunkka and Slardar as their other cores, the damage from CR4ZY was almost nothing as EG take game 2. At 37-16 in 36 minutes, BuLba Slardar finished with 10/1/14 while Crit Earth Spirit recorded 20 assists.

With a last pick Huskar, CR4ZY gave EG at beat down as they just ran at them early on. The sustain from CR4ZY’s supports was enough to outlast the healing from EG’s supports. With Khezu Centaur tanking, CR4ZY successfully counters Arteezy WK to win the game before 30 minutes. The 6/0/18 from Khezu and 7 kills each from Skiter Spectre and MoonMeander Mirana avoided the sweep with a 24-7 kill score.

Game 4 had an intense back and forth between the two, but CR4ZY had the upper hand as all of their cores had insane physical damage outputs. However, Arteezy Alchemist had Radiance, Heart, Cuirass, and Abyssal by 32 minutes and with the teamfight combo of EG, they secured a 4-1 trade. CR4ZY had to defend, but another teamwipe ensured that EG goes straight mid to finish the series at 40 minutes with a 33-33 kill score. EG becomes the champions of the NA region after BuLba Dark Seer tallied 25 assists, Crit Earth Spirit with 21, while Arteezy recorded 14/3/10 at 37k networth.

The first wave of the Grand Finals definitely showed some very intense games and comebacks. Which series was your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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