Puppey and Kuroky goes back and forth for a full series


Puppey and Kuroky goes back and forth for a full series

Jerome Valdez

When two of the most respected captains—Puppey and Kuroky meet, it will surely give exciting games. Both teams went all out to give us a full series and after an intense game 3, Team Secret remains victorious.

Nisha’s last pick Meepo destroys Nigma

Puppey proved to be a better drafter in game 1 as he manages to pick Chen for himself as well as denying a Meepp game to W33. In the early game, Nigma surrounded Secret with kills, but a 14-minute Meka on Chen worked wonders against Nigma’s late game draft. With an Ethereal on Nisha by 16 minutes, they were able to secure a 4-0 trade. From there, Matu MK and Zai Pango also finished their core items, allowing Secret to snowball. Miracle’s Anti-mage and a mid Elder Titan from W33 tried to fight back, but ultimately, Meepo’s Nisha became unstoppable, forcing Nigma to call gg at 34 minutes with a 12k lead. The 29-15 victory was led by Chen’s 18 assists and Zai’s 9 kills.

Nigma dominates Secret in 20 minutes

No one expected to take a game from Secret, but Kuroky managed to show their TI form as they stomp them in game 2. Gh’s Clockwerk paved the way for W33 Razor and Miracle Lifestealer to get farm. Nigma responded to Secret’s physical damage lineup with Crimson Guard and as they are just getting their items, Nigma just ran at them. After Nigma pressured their bot lane heavily, Secret realized that they will not be recovering from this one as they call gg. The 18-9 victory shows how Gh’s 13 assists helped bring the series to a deciding game.

Secret forces a comeback

The early game for Miracle Slark and Nigma was the one they were hoping for as they secured kills left and right to give Slark some permanent Agility despite dying a few times himself. Nigma feasted on Secret’s offlane as they trade Gh Tiny and Kuroky Enchantress for Secret’s Cores. Miracle finished his Diffu, Skadi, and Aghs, while Matu Morph has Ethereal, Manta, and BKB by 36 minutes. It was looking quite steady for Nigma, but Secret began to pick off Nigma one by one in exchange for Yapzor Wyvern and Puppey Batrider only. Slowly, the networth graph swung into Secret’s favor. As Secret secures mid racks, Nisha Leshrac and the rest of Secret ganged up on Slark for the kill. Miracle immediately buysback, but Secret secures the Aegis on Matu and even though Nigma tried to defend, Secret became too strong for them to handle, forcing Nigma to the Lower Bracket after 50 minutes of 37-36 action. The game-high 20 assists from Secret’s supports helped Matu secure a 14/2/10 while Nisha finished with a 10/2/17 performance.

With their victory, Secret the dominating Virtus Pro in the Upper Bracket Finals, while Nigma meets A-Mode again as they fight for tournament life. Impressive games from both teams, but who do you think should be the core and support mvp? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned f




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