Pain.Mandy: “Why did you do that?”


Pain.Mandy: “Why did you do that?”

VPGAME/Marcus Wong

While the DOTA2 community is still in awe and shock (mostly in shock) about Nigma not making it to the minor, the most underrated regional qualifiers did not receive the attention it should have but it’s for drama sake. It’s the TI9 Infamous roster who currently plays under the team name, beastcoast, versus paiN Gaming. After losing the first game to paiN Gaming, the second game went south as well as Infamous beastcoast finds themselves unable to fight back against paiN Gaming’s line-up. However, a “miracle” happened in the form of paiN Gaming players disconnecting from the game. Apparently,  due to bad connection caused by the rain, the whole paiN Gaming squad ended up being disconnected over 15 minutes.

After 10 minutes of waiting, beastcoast squad asked the game admin whether if they can unpause since it’s in the rulebook that each team only have a maximum unpause time of 10 minutes. However, the admin during that game was a little hesitant and insisted on waiting. After some discussion, beastcoast still unpaused the game but one of paiN Gaming player finally reconnected into the game and paused it immediately. As the rest of paiN Gaming players eventually connect, Chris Luck from beastcoast unpaused despite paiN Gaming still missing a player, which was immediately paused by Mandy from paiN Gaming. Mandy did not hesitate to ask Chris Luck, “Why did you do that?” in Spanish, which was in response to him unpausing the game while paiN Gaming is still missing players. At this point, it might seem like beastcoast lacked sportsmanship in this game or is it really though?

Well, after some digging, it wasn’t the first time Chris Luck played against Mandy in a pro game, so clearly the two players have some history. Turns out that Chris Luck remembers the day when his former team, Gorilla Pride, was in a game against Midas Club (Mandy’s team).  It was a long game and it seems like Midas Club could not close the game and is at the brim of losing as well. Thus, after 10 minutes of disconnection, Midas Club resumed the game and they won. But what probably pissed Chris Luck off till this day is when Mandy all-chatted “LMAO” as they push into their opponent’s ancient to end it while none of them are in the game.

Mandy’s team unpaused and won the game: 

Needless to say, Chris Luck showed no regards as well when Mandy is on the other end this time around. And when Mandy asked why he paused the game, he reminded him of that game 2 years ago. Anyways, the game admin still let the game went on for a good 5 minutes before the admin finally call an end to that game and beastcoast immediately disconnected with their default win. Mandy was left speechless while the rest of paiN Gaming just “LOL”-ed at the decision made by admin. With the SA regional qualifiers finals tied, beastcoast managed to secure the third game as well, securing them a ticket to the Los Angeles major. Meanwhile, paiN Gaming moved on to play in the minor qualifiers, only to be eliminated as well.

Once again, it seems like what goes around, comes around. As a wise man once said, “Karma is a b!tch! We don’t need unpause”. Thanks, Kingrd from paiN Gaming. Stay tuned as we watch how far beastcoast can carry the SA pride in the upcoming major.




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