Ame can't save CDEC, Blaze struggled on day 1 of CN CQ


Ame can't save CDEC, Blaze struggled on day 1 of CN CQ

Jerome Valdez

A shocking surprise happened at the Open Qualifiers for China yesterday as the first team to have a woman to play swept LGD to get to the Closed Qualifiers. Meanwhile, Ame’s demotion to CDEC left him as the only (former) LGD member to play for a Major slot in Los Angeles. The highly-anticipated teams played on the same group, but they find themselves struggling in this first day. Let us take a look at how each of their series went.

Blaze splits the series with Aster

In their opening game, Blaze showed up strong as they stomp Aster in a 20-6, 38-minute victory. Aster had a steady networth lead, but K Arc Warden from Blaze tore down the cores of Aster, allowing Blaze to turn the 5k disadvantage to a 15k lead as K ends with 8/0/6 and 小刘 Crystal Maiden who finished with 18 assists for Blaze.

On  game 2, Aster secured a 27 minute win after they held on to a 25k networth lead as Sccc Morphling rips through Blaze’s defenses as he finishes with 10 kills and 0 deaths.

RNG sweeps CDEC

The second series showed RNG battling against Ame’s new stack, CDEC. RNG played a dominant game 1 with rotations from Super Shadow Shaman. RNG did not wait for the late game as they pressure each racks, forcing CDEC to call gg at 24 minutes with a 17-9 kill score, where 13 of RNG’s kills is assisted by Super.

For game 2 RNG played more aggressively, with Setsu Storm Spirit leading the charge. With a BKB and Bloodthorn on him, Storm Spirit caps RNG’s victory as CDEC surrenders around 36 minutes behind Setsu’s 13/1/8.

Moogy returns to Newbee by sweeping Blaze

With Moogy returning as their carry, Newbee beats down Blaze in a 34 minute, 24-7 victory.  Aq’s Outworld Devourer hammers through Blaze as he carries Newbee with his 12/1/5.

Some expected Blaze to come back stronger, but Newbee just beat them harder in a 23 minute, 28-4 victory. The roaming Waixi Tiny locks down Blaze as Aq Leshrac rips each tower apart. Moogy and Aq finishes with 5 and 10 kills, respectively, and both have 0 death. While Waixi tallies 18 assists to complete the sweep on Blaze.

CDEC and Aster draw

For game 1, Aster’s draft looked like it could withstand Newbee, but it was only for the first 20 minutes of the game as Xm Arc Warden began gaining farm. CDEC controlled the map, but Aster held on for a final defense as Sccc Gyro purchases a Rapier. Both Xm and Ame Slark focused Sccc to drop the Rapier, and after 58 minutes of defense, CDEC gets their first win behind Xm’s 10/0/3 and Ame’s 3/0/13 over a 19-11 team kill score.

For game 2, Ame and the boys had full of control of the game as Ame looks for more fights, pushing the lead to 15k by 40 minutes. However, the Io and Gyro combo of Aster takes down Newbee in two consecutive fights to force a buyback on Ame. Xm Ember and Sccc Gyro both purchased Rapiers to even the fight, but in the end it was the Io and Gyro combo who triumphed for Aster to complete their comeback at 52 minutes.

RNG stomps Newbee

The last series for Group B featured a beatdown of RNG on Newbee. Game 1 was a very swift assault from RNG as Setsu Ember Spirit shows up to wreak havoc together with Monet’s Faceless Void. Two sets of racks destroyed and 24 minutes later, Newbee taps out as Setsu ends with 12/1/7, while Monet finishes with 5/0/10 over the 26-5 kill score.

Another 23 minute game goes over the way of RNG as Super Lich tallies 20 assists on their 29-9 victory. Newbee looked to play a mid-game draft with Faceless Void and Leshrac, but Setsu Void Spirit and Flyby Timber made sure that it did not happen as they ran around the map securing kills until Newbee faces their defeat. With Setsu’s 9/1/8 performance, RNG breaks the tie with Newbee to be the top team for their group.

At the end of day, RNG remains unbeaten in Group B with 4 points, while Ehome is undefeated in group A as they sweep Keen Gaming and LFS to take the lead in the first day.

Can Ame and CDEC prove that they can do better than LGD? Can Axx continue her goal to be the first female pro player who qualifies in a Major? They still have another day to prove everything in their favor. Can they do it? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!





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