Gamer girl's stack eliminated PSG.LGD in open qualifiers


Gamer girl's stack eliminated PSG.LGD in open qualifiers

Jerome Valdez

Recently, TI runner-up, PSG. LGD announced their new carry Ahjit after they traded him with Ame to CDEC. Shortly after their practice, they announced that Ahjit will be benched and replaced by Li “ASD” Zhiwen for the Open Qualifiers. Despite these changes, LGD still comes short for the Closed Qualifiers as they lost the Round of 4 against Blaze, 2-0.

In the Round of 16 against The New Top, LGD breezed through them with a last pick Clinkz on ASD, while Somnus played Slark. LGD took over the map and recorded a 37-6 kill score after securing the middle racks. Before 22 minutes, The New Top calls gg after ASD ended at the top of the networths with 9k at 9/1/13, while Somnus Slark dominated with 17/1/8 to propel LGD to the Round of 8.

For the Round of 8, LGD faced Dark Knight where another last pick Storm for ASD worked wonders for LGD. A roaming Fy Clockwerk kept LGD alive in farm and with his initiations on Dark Knight’s cores with Hookshots. ASD managed to record a game-high 11 kills while Fy finished with the highest assists at 16 over the 23-7 kill score and 20-minute victory.

The only obstacle standing between LGD and the Closed Qualifiers is a Bo3 against Blaze. Despite looking perfectly good in their first two games, LGD seemed to have experienced exhaust as they lost two games to none against Blaze who features the first female pro player, Axx.

Blaze surprises LGD with a comeback.

The first game looked pretty strong for LGD as Fy Tiny helped secure kills on Cy Mars, allowing him to secure a 15-minute Blink. With Tiny stunning half of Team Blaze, LGD were able to get kills on Xixi Treant, 小刘  Crystal Maiden, and Axx Void Spirit. However, Blaze retaliates with a 3-1 trade by killing Xnova Lich, Chalice Puck , and Somnus Juggernaut.

With Greaves and BKB on ASD Shadow Fiend by 24 minutes, LGD took kills on K Lifestealer and Void Spirit, allowing them to take the top T2 as well as Aegis for Somnus Juggernaut. Both teams tried to farm their core items as LGD grows a steady 5k networth lead. However, a BKB and Glimmer Cape during Crystal Maiden’s ult weakened LGD’s defenses, allowing the rest of Blaze to swoop in and kill Jugg, SF, and Lich. That exchange gave Blaze the opportunity to secure mid racks and swing the networth in their favor for the first time this game.

With Aegis on Mars, Blaze initiates a fight and catches Somnus and ASD again. And just like that, Blaze began knocking on LGD’s T4, forcing LGD to surrender game 1 at 41 minutes. Blaze’s 24-20 victory is made possible by Xixi Treant’s game-high 20 assists as well as eight kills each on K and Cy

The fall of PSG LGD.

For game 2, a last pick Meepo for ASD allowed LGD to secure early pushes, but Axx Beastmaster and 小刘 Puck made sure that Somnus Gyro had a hard time on the lane by killing him.  During fights, Fy Rubick proves he is still a god as he turns fights in their favor with stolen Dream Coils, Mortimer’s Kisses, and Primal Roar as Chalice Clockwerk holds Blaze’s supports in place in the early game.

Despite the Skadi and Ethereal on Meepo by 22 minutes, a five-man sod from Blaze swiftly takes down ASD for the third consecutive time as the army of creeps from Axx’s Beastmaster and Visage quickly takes LGD’s bottom tower. LGD retaliates by killing Visage in exchange of Gyro, forcing both heroes to buyback, but a Halberd and Mjolnir on Lifestealer ripped through Meepo again without buyback.

A sod from LGD catches Axx, but as LGD goes for Rosh, she immediately buysback to counter-sod for a kill on ASD who immediately buysback as well, only to be focused again by the rest Blaze. LGD tries to contest Rosh and successfully kills Visage without buyback, but Cy Lifestealer rips through LGD’s backline as they finally secure the Rosh for Cy.

As they wait for the Aegis to expire, LGD tried to farm on their side of the map. Meanwhile, Blaze gets T4 Neutral Items, to siege high ground and catches Somnus with a Primal Roar followed by Snapfire’s ult and Visage damage that also killed four of LGD including Meepo and Gyro without buyback, forcing LGD to call gg at 42 minutes.

Cy’s 11/4/7 Lifestealer and 小刘 3/7/22 pos 4 Puck pushes Blaze to an unexpected 2-0 series win. With Blaze’s joining the Closed Qualifiers, can Axx make history to be the first female player to qualify for a Major?

Meanwhile, LGD sits down another Major as they lost their second Open Qualifiers this season. What’s next for the titans of Chinese Doto? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!





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