Evil Geniuses bests Vici Gaming forthe Grand Finals


Evil Geniuses bests Vici Gaming forthe Grand Finals

VPGAME/ Jerome Valdez

After sweeping Evil Geniuses in the Upper Bracket R2, Vici Gaming met EG again in the Lower Bracket Finals, where EG gets their revenge on VG after three close games to get to the Grand Finals in the last day of the Leipzig Major.

For the first game, VG’s draft took kills from early rotations to ensure that Abed Naga Siren and Rtz OD cannot farm freely, but counter-rotations from Fly Apparition, and Crit Clockwerk kept EG afloat. It was closely even in the first 20 minutes, but when Rtz and Abed got two of their core items, they began fighting back as Ramzes Doom zones out Ori Arc Warden. Vici quickly switched to defense, but Rtz knew how strong he was so he and the rest of EG came fore more. 35 minutes in, Abed has Manta, Diffu, Butterfly, and Heart, allowing him to tank a good amount of damage from Vici as Rtz gets some int before dropping the hammer. The pushes from EG slowly choked Vici’s farm as they secure a 20k networth lead, and then EG’s team fight finally overwhelmed Vici, forcing them to tap out at 42 minutes. From the 28-15 victory, Rtz finishes the game with game-high 12 kills and 41k damage while Fly record a game-high 18 assists to give EG the series lead.

In game 2, a last pick Broodmother for Abed and rotations from Crit Wyvern and Fly Treant secured early game kills in Ori Viper despite lane swaps frim Vici. A 12-minute Pipe from Ramzes Timbersaw was still not enough to be tanky against the Eurus Gyro and Dy Io combo. As Abed and Eurus secure a BKB Vici successfully gets single kills and as EG attempts a team fight, Vici’ takes a 3-1 trade as well as Aegis for Eurus. Vici regains map control, but a three-man RP from Rtz Magnus takes down the Aegis and give EG a 3-0 trade as Broodma Aghs takes mid T3. After a well-turned counter from Vici, EG loses three and gets another Aegis on Gyro with Butterfly, Satanic, Aghs, and Mael. A very tanky Io gives Vici a 5-1 trade as well as racks and force two buybacks on EG. An out-of-position EG is punished by Vici, killing their cores and finally EG calls gg at 45 minutes. The Io and Gyro combo evens the series with Eurus finishing with 9/3/14 while Dy with 1/5/22 and an impressive 19k heal.

For the deciding game, Vici dominated every lane, but as Rtz Faceless Void and the rest of EG went level 6, they sought and won fights as well as taking some T1s.  A well-initiated fight from EG secured a 4-2 trade with Ramzes Abaddon and Abed Storm front lining Vici’s heavy damage from Eurus Magnus, Ori Puck, and Yang Doom. A Chrono on all of Vici’s cores allowed EG to combo with Crit Tiny and Fly Apparition, ending with a 5-1 trade as well as Aegis on Abed. By 25 minutes, Rtz secures Mjolnir and BKB, while Abed gets his Aghs together with his Bloodstone and 7 minutes later, Abaddon gets his Pipe, Vlads, and Aghs. Despite catching Void, Abed saves the day as he secures a rampage and get Aegis on Void to attempt racks. Despite a stolen Chrono from Pyw Rubick, Abed’s Storm zipzaps through Vici as they call gg  at 39 minutes. The 31-13 kill score brings EG to the Grand Finals behind Abed’s 14/1/13 and Ramzes’ 1/4/22.

With this victory, EG will be facing Team Secret in the Bo5 Grand Finals. What do you think of this series? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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