It’s just 5 Days before the Dream League major.


It’s just 5 Days before the Dream League major.

VPGAME/Marcus Wong

Chapter 1:. The Final Team.

With Team Nigma securing the final spot in the Dream League major, this completes the 16 teams competing in the major. Once again, even without the big shots like team OG and PSG.LGD in the major, the intensity and skill level will be just as insane.

Perhaps it would be better than the grand finals of the Bukovel minor, which if you haven’t already watched the second and fourth game, it was EPIC. Imagine how broken team Royal Never Give Up can be when they realized that even with 40K gold lead, they just can’t end the game against Nigma.

While they are still a fresh team, the players are by no means newbies at all. Just goes to show that the game is never really over until the throne is destroyed because anytime a random GH Earthshaker can give you a game-losing Echo Slam to put you back to place.

Fun fact: Team Liquid went through the worst case scenario in order to qualify for the major, where they played the longest route to make it to the major. Playing 49 games in 23 matches. This is achievable by first clutching the group stage (not first place in group stage), then losing their first series in upper brackets, so that they can begin their lower bracket run to the Grand Finals. Hey, Nigma might have planned this out just to “practice” before the major.

Chapter 2: The 16 have Gathered.

With that, the 16 teams playing in the Dream League major have some promising teams. From the common EU powerhouses like Team Secret, Liquid and Alliance to old favourites like Vici Gaming, and Evil Geniuses. On top of that, the Chengdu major champion and first runner-up, TNC.Predator and Invictus Gaming are also in the bunch.

Therefore, in just 5 days, we will be able to witness chaos in Dream League for the weekend. That said, among the sixteen, there are definitely favorites and also new underdogs. Whether if they can deliver a good performance to make it to the top, is another topic. After all, it doesn’t matter if you are a more seasoned team because upsets do happen and it will happen.

Chapter 3: Favorites.

Unfortunately, we can’t put team OG on the list just yet as they aren’t in here. Not to mention that there were already rumors about OG’s new player, being Midone. When that announcement comes, it will be a shocking news to the community.

Anyways, our Bukovel minor champion, Team Nigma, deserves to be on the favorite list after delivering an insane performance in Bukovel. From the lower brackets to the grand finals, this team is on a row and are not planning to stop their streak anytime soon.

It wouldn’t be a list of favorites if Secret isn’t on it. Team Secret comes back this season with a new player on deck. As if Midone wasn’t menacing enough as a mid player, now Puppey has gotten his hands on an even more dangerous beast. With his former team and his replacement player in the same major, there’s no doubt that Matumbaman is looking to enjoy some “such nice weather over here” meme if he beats his former teammates up.

An honorable mention goes to TNC.Predator, the Chengdu major champions. Unfortunately, despite winning the major, there’s a high chance that TNC might not last too long considering the return of several monsters such as Secret and Nigma. While I doubt that they would be able to secure another major, they definitely have achieved enough to secure an invite to TI10 at least.

Chapter 4: Stakes are high.

It’s finally looking like a proper major, with the big teams returning to the pro scene. However, it’s still odd to not see PSG.LGD here despite successfully qualifying for every major since 2 years ago. I guess times have changed but hopefully the LGD roster do not change yet.

Whichever teams that makes it to top 3 this major is more than likely to have guaranteed their spot in the top 12 in DPC rankings. While it’s still too early to say and it’s a bold statement, it’s pretty much true for the last DPC season. Stay tuned.




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