Nigma sweeps Geek Fam to get to the Grand Finals


Nigma sweeps Geek Fam to get to the Grand Finals

VPGAME/Jerome Valdez

After losing their grip in the Upper Bracket playoffs, Nigma and Geek Fam faced each other in the Lower Bracket Finals of the Bukovel Minor. However, Nigma holds their ground and takes down Geek Fam in a sweep to proceed to the Grand Finals.

In game 1, Karl’s Timbersaw had a good lead against W33 Windranger, forcing Nigma to get rotations on him to secure kills on Karl, but Raven Slark and Dubu Chen picked off kills on Mind Control Necrophos and GH Elder Titan. Geek Fam began to control the map as they take down all T1s and two T2’s and pressure Nigma to fight by 18 minutesImage taken from Nigma’s Twitter (@teamnigma)

Despite Nigma ripping the Aegis off Slark at 32 minutes, Xepher Rubick’s stolen Reaper’s Scythe takes down Windranger and allow Geek Fam to fight back and take Nigma’s last T2 and attempt to push high ground, but Nigma forces them back and take down Chen, Sand King, and Timbersaw.

A Diffu, Manta, Heart, and Butterfly on PL began to take down towers and kite Geek Fam into a 3-0 trade as well as Aegis for Miracle and take Geek Fam’s mid T3. Nigma catches Timbersaw without buyback and secures two sets of racks as well as buybacks from Raven and Kuku. But Miracle and his illusions just ripped through Geek Fam as Nigma takes game 1 by 48 minutes.

For game 2, Gh Earthshaker and W33 Windranger secured kills on Karl Lina and Geek Fam with the Fissure blocks. W33 and Miracle Ember rotates around the map to secure kills and push. 12 minutes in, a Lina rotation gave Geek Fam a 4-1 trade in their favor to complete her Euls and get their own towers.

A 19 minute 5v5 fight looked bad for Nigma, but Mind Control Abaddon kited well enough for a 4-man Echo Slam to kill four of Geek Fam’s heroes and allowed them to regain control of the map. 22 minutes in, Nigma takes Aegis for Miracle as they secure T2’s

A very tanky Abaddon kites Geek Fam’s spells as he waits for Nigma’s response as they turn around and take a 4-1 trade even if he was accidentally cliffed in Radiant’s Secret shop. With 14-29 kill score and a 10k gold lead, Nigma takes down Geek Fam’s mid racks and get another Aegis for Miracle.

Geek Fam tries to fight back as they pick off Nigma’s supports as Miracle rats their top T3. A few seconds later, W33 and Miracle takes down four of Geek Fam, but a quick catch from Geek Fam kills Gh and W33 to force them to buyback and secure mega creeps.

However, Nigma fought on Radiant’s shrine and gave Geek Fam an opportunity to take down all of Nigma’s cores and gave Geek fam a window to push back, but an intense fight broke a 4-4 trade, but Nigma takes another Aegis for Miracle at 45 minutes to attempt high ground.

Geek Fam kills three of Nigma with Kuku Doom and Raven, but immediately buys back to take down the throne. Geek Fam tried to hold off Nigma, but finally, Nigma chips enough damage to win the semi-finals after 48 minutes.

With this victory, Nigma will have a rematch against RNG for the spot at the Leipzig Major. Can Nigma complete their Lower Bracket run? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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