Team OG seed FAIL to Make it to Dream League MAJOR.


Team OG seed FAIL to Make it to Dream League MAJOR.

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Chapter 1: A Child is Born.

Team OG, a team so great that they are crowned the best team in DOTA2 history and possibly in the whole of eSports as they secure so much in prizepool winnings after winning 2 consecutive TIs.

As expected, the OG players can definitely live off that fortune they achieved for themselves, so instead of participating in the upcoming majors, they instead decide that they would rather nurture a child team, called OG Seed.

Featuring an all-star team of players such as Madara from Ad Finem, Chessie, Xibbe, Zfreek and Peksu. The players themselves are no stranger to the DOTA2 pro scene, it seems like they will have to try again next time in February 2020 because Kuroky’s stack are not a team you can beat in a best-of-3, hoping to get an easy way into the closed qualifiers.

In the open qualifiers, there’s two teams that stood out among the rest, one being Nigma (Kuroky’s new team but same roster from TI9) and Team Secret (consisting of TI9 roster but without Midone as he’s replaced by MATUMBAMAN). Unfortunately, the two teams did not face each other as they are placed in different playoffs, so each of them taking the closed qualifier slot on respective side, is an expected outcome.

Notail’s Announcement: 


Chapter 2: The Seed.

Now what is this “OG Seed” team that is in the news right now? When OG announced the team, they also claimed that it is coached by a two-time Tea Eye winner, which is true but it was really only Notail who’s coaching.

Meanwhile, the rest of OG are off across the world, visiting and taking a long break from the DPC season. For instance, Ana went back to Australia, probably to return school because education is still very important. Topson has been hanging out in Malaysia, where his girlfriend lives. While Ceb is just posting tweets.

So, to burn some time off, Notail definitely did not take a break himself as he went back to the pro scene as a coach instead.


Chapter 3: Impossible Success.

To just flame that OG Seed is a bad team that can’t qualify for the major closed qualifiers is definitely a huge oversight as the team has done well to make it to the finals only to lose against Nigma. Of course, it’s well expected from the team that won TI7 and even secured second place in the recent TI9. If the scenario is reversed, the headline on the news would definitely be all about the former Team Liquid getting eliminated or being flamed “washed up” like AdmiralBulldog’s present situation.

That said, it’s good to note how strong Kuroky’s stack is despite the new meta surrounding the DOTA2 world along with so much RNG implemented into the game. We would still have to wait till the closed qualifiers to conclude to know who are the new predators of the DPC season. As usual, only 2 slots are available for the EU region, so will Team Secret and Nigma take the spots?


Chapter 4: A 3-Months Bootcamp.

With team OG Seed being free till early February next year, when the third major qualifiers begin, it will be plenty of time for Notail to nurture the team to perhaps TI-winning level? By then, maybe team OG would have joined the DPC season for yet another TI visit.

Stay tuned as the closed qualifiers of Dream League S13 major begins tomorrow!




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