Expert Rule


Expert Rule


I. Tip Reason Requirement

1. Necessary Requirement (Tip reason must include these factors) 

a. Prediction Advice: Obvious choice and understandable analysis.   

b. Prediction Amount Advice: Small/Medium/Big

c. Tip reason should not be less than 400 characters

d. Tip Title: Impolite words, team name/nickname and overstated are not allowed.  


2. Basic Requirement (Tip must include at least three of these requirements to get published)

1) Dota/LOL

a. Player Status or Player Matchup Analysis

b. Recent Tournament Performance or Status Analysis

c. Odds Analysis and Prediction Timing Advice

d. Draft Prediction and Analysis

e. Head-to-head Record Analysis

f. Current Match Meta Analysis

g. Roster Change Analysis

h. Team News/Rumors/Scrims Analysis

i. Tournament or Match Format Analysis

g. Others


a. Map Selection Analysis Based on Team Playstyle

b. Recent Tournament Status or Tournament Result or Match Recap Analysis

c. Odds Analysis and Prediction Timing Advice

d. Player Matchup Analysis or Player Strength and Weakness Analysis

e. Team Playstyle Strength and Weakness or Head-to-head Match Win%

f. Team Tactics Analysis Like Item Use Strategy

g. Team News/Rumors/Scrims Analysis

h. Tournament or Match Format Analysis

i. Others


3. Tip Level

Disqualified Tip:  Meet any of the following conditions will be considered as a   disqualified tip

a. Tip reason only meets  1 or 0 “Basic Requirements”, and more than 50% of the tip reason is invalid information

b. Concluding any ads, contact information, blacklisted and sensitive words.

c. Concluding wrong information and subjective conjecture without factual basis

Note: If your tip reason only has 1 basic factor but it’s really convincing, this tip may not be deleted.

What’s invalid information?

If your tip reason is not related to the game, it will be recorded as invalid information.


Improvable Tip: Tip reason includes 1 or 2 “Basic Requirements” and less than 50% invalid information. An improvable tip means this tip should be improved and our tip reviewing team will send you advice.


Normal Tip: Tip reason includes 3 or above “Basic Requirements” and less than 40% invalid information.


A-level Tip: Tip reason includes 4 or above “Basic Requirements” and less than 30% invalid information.


S-level Tip: Tip reason must include 5 “Basic Requirements” and less than 15% invalid information.

Note: If your (Disqualified Tip +Improvable Tip)/ Tips Submitted >20%,you will get an extra 20% commission of these tips(disqualified and improvable) income. If you have this situation in 2 straight months, your expert level will get demoted.  


II. Expert Level

Expert level is decided based on the expert score which is a comprehensive score calculated from the stats of “Buyers Repeat Purchase Rate”, “Expert Win%”, “Average Odds” and “Tip Rating”.

On each month, the number of level 2 and level 3 experts of each game shall not be less than 35% of the total number of active experts of that game. In other words, after the expert score leaderboard is released, if the number of Lv2 and Lv3 experts of the game is less than 35%, then we will set more Lv1 experts to Lv2 based on the leaderboard.

Example: If there are 20 League of Legends active experts this month, then the minimum number of Lv2 and Lv3 experts for next month of League of Legends should be 7 (20*35%=7). If there are only 4 experts, then we will set 3 more Lv1 experts of League to Lv2.


1.  The added experts will be only promoted to Lv2 at that month.

2.  If there are no tournaments this month, then the expert level will be as same as the last month. But Lv3 experts won't get the 800,000 P coins Extra Bonus.


1. Level 1 Expert

a. Commission Rate: 60% cut of total sale.   

b.  If you didn’t submit 15 tips per month for 3 straight months, you may get disqualified.  

c.  We are sorry that VPGAME will not accept any more expert applications for the time being.


2. Level 2 Expert

a. Commission Rate: 50% cut of total sale.   

b. 15 tips submitted at least per month.

c. How to become a Level 2 Expert?

Become the top 50% experts on Expert Score Leaderboard


3. Level 3 Expert

a. Commission Rate: 50% cut of total sale.   

b. 30 tips submitted at least per month.

c. 800,000 P coins Extra Bonus for each month (You have to maintain as Level 3 Expert for 1 month)

d. How to become a Level 3 Expert?

Become the top 10% experts on Expert Score Leaderboard


III. Expert Promote and Demote

1. At the beginning of every month, the system will check your performance last month and decide to promote or demote your expert level.

2. Your tip income will be based on your expert level of that month.

3. For your first time, you can only get promoted level by level from L1 to L2 to L3. After that, you can be promoted to L3 directly from L1.


IV. Expert Income

1. Winning Tip Income

 A Winning Tip Income = Total Sale * Commission Rate * Odds  Coefficient

Odds Coefficient (For each Tip not average)

Odds between 0.5-0.7, Odds Coefficient is 0.9

Odds between 0.7-0.9, Odds Coefficient is 1

Odds between 0.9-1.1, Odds Coefficient is 1.1

Odds between 1.1-1.3, Odds Coefficient is 1.2

Odds between 1.3-1.5, Odds Coefficient is 1.3

Odds above 1.5, Odds Coefficient is 1.5


2. Tip Bonus

a. Win Rate Bonus 

Win Rate Bonus = Month Winning Tip Income * (Month Win% - 50%)

Note: “Month Win% - 50%” will not be higher than 20% or lower than -5% For example, expert A’s month win% is 75%, then his win rate bonus will be “Month Winning Tip Income * 20%” while if his month win% is 44%, then his win rate bonus will be “Month Winning Tip Income * -5%”


b. Winning Streak Bonus

If you winning streak bonus is from 6 to 9, Bonus = 5,000 P coins * Winning Streak Number 

If you winning streak bonus is from 10 to 14, Bonus = 10,000 P coins * Winning Streak Number 

If you winning streak bonus is 15 or above, Bonus = 15,000 P coins * Winning Streak Number

Moreover, if you have a 7 or above winning streak of one prediction type, you can contact our admin to apply for an advertisement for your next tip of this prediction type as a pop up on the Prediction Details page for 2 hours. For all experts, there will be only one pop-up advertisement each day.

Note: The same expert can not be advertised on two consecutive days.


c. Most Like Bonus Suspended on March

“Most Like Bonus” has been suspended and we will improve this bonus by adding the anti-click farming system to protect fairness. 


d. Event Tips

All tips purchased with Coupons (50% OFF/ 30% OFF/ 10% OFF) are considered as the common tips and have the same income as the bonus as they used to be. For tips purchased with Free Coupons, you will get only 20% of the actual income as it used to be without any other bonus.


V. Punishments

If your tip reason has any one of these problems below, for the first time, your tip will get deleted and the tip's profit will be confiscated. For the second time, your expert account will be frozen for 3 days. For the third time, we will cut 20% off your income of that month.  If we find you keep doing it, we will revoke your expert's title.  

1. Tip reason concludes any ads, contact information, blacklisted and sensitive words.

2. Tip reason is a copy-paste or highly-similar to others.

3. You can not sell tips for both Match Winner and Match Handicap or Game Winner and Game Handicap.

4. You can not sell tips for Game 1 Winner of Dota 2 and LoL.

5. Involved in click farm to increase Likes of your tips.

6. Tips contain double-sided predictions for the same match. For example, your tip reason is different from your prediction choice. 

7. Get reported by many users, we have the right to review the expert and revoke the expert's title.

8. Too many disqualified/improvable tips, we have the right to review the expert and revoke the expert's title.


VI. Account Rule

1. An expert account can only sell tips for one game. Different accounts are independent of each other, including the bonus and punishments.

2. If we find an expert who has 2 or more expert accounts under the same game IP, we will revoke all his expert’s accounts.  

The final explanation right of this rule is reserved by VPGAME




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