New MMR season comes with matchmaking updates


New MMR season comes with matchmaking updates

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With their recent matchmaking update last month, the developers at dota 2 continue to fix the ranked system as the new calibration season begins this Thursday. In their blog post, (, the devs discussed the solutions they plan to implement for the issues that came up with their previous update.

For the first issue, the devs elaborated on role symmetry. Before this update, the algorithm prioritized a balanced mmr over the individual rank that caused some players to face higher-mmr ones in the same role. Because of this, some Ancient players complained to have laned against high-divine or Immortal players. However, the upcoming update will prioritize symmetric roles among players, meaning Legend mid players should be matched with other Legend mid players, Ancient cores to be matched with Ancient cores and etc.

Continuing their aggressiveness, the devs will implement a stricter report system for players who don’t draft what they queued. The reporting system will even begin during the drafting phase of a game and keep tabs of a role abuser.

To improve a player’s measure of skill, a win or lose on either mmr will guarantee a percentage of change on the other one they didn’t queued for. Simply put, if you played for support mmr, a percentage of your gained or loss mmr will be added to your core mmr as well.

To deal with game ruiners, the devs have began to issue bans on players with extremely low behavior scores. The other ban wave focused on those players who will be proven to buy steam accounts to get a higher mmr from boosters. In addition, players who found hacking and exploiting will be banned. The banned accounts will also have their numbers associated with it be permanently blacklisted in ranked matches.

Probably the biggest change of this update, the devs implemented a new system to reduce smurfs. The first part is the fix on the loophole that some players have played ranked without a unique mobile number. The next one is changing the requirements to play ranked from 100 games to 100 hours of playtime. Players who do not meet these requirements will be prohibited from ranked matchmaking until they have fulfilled them.

Another detection they will implement test is to adjust the plus and minus mmr gained based on how well a player has performed on a certain hero based on how the said heroes are played on that rank. For the upcoming ranked players, the devs will provide a more accurate initial mmr based on the account’s history since ranked calibration is now unlocked with 100 hours played.

They have also made adjustments to party queue as it will now show a pop-up message if there are players who have the same role selected. Aside from that, they have also increased the number of commends every week.

If a player queued for a lot of roles that includes supports, the devs will try to change the system so they will not be immediately given a hard support role. They will also consider role-specific bans after reported role-abusers are out of low priority.

Going further, the devs assured that they will be monitoring and adjusting their algorithm to its best shape as well as ban account buyers and hackers weekly without further notice. Meanwhile, detected smurfs and boosters will be put in a much aggressive recalibration to reduce the number of games ruined.

As always, Valve discussed other future plans for matchmaking and asked for the support and feedback of the community with this updated. Coming into the new mmr season, it looks like they have tackled almost all of the issues.

What do you think of this update? Will this be enough to avoid ruiners and increase the quality of ranked matches? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!




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