What’s new for upcoming DPC season?


What’s new for upcoming DPC season?

VPGAME.Marcus Wong

Chapter 1: A New Season.

The long-awaited DPC rules and regulation has finally been announced. And thankfully, Icefrog and the DOTA2 development team have been listening to community and even pro players’ concerns over the months.

From PPD complaints about the DPC events hogging too much time to the harsh reality of losing a regional qualifiers, it seems like this DPC season hit all its marks in making sure everyone is happy.

Chapter 2: Minor Matters.

A small but appreciated change is the extra DPC points up for grabs in the minors, from 500 points to 660 points this time. This gives minor teams the chance to actually climb through the DPC rankings, even if it was little. Plus, regional qualifiers team will also earn 20 DPC points despite not winning it.

Also, qualifiers now have 3 phases, where the first phase is a best-of-2 series in groups of 5. The top 2 teams from each group (so there’s 4 teams) will make it to Phase 2. In phase 2, top 2-3 depending on region will advance to the major. But it’s not over for the losers, as they will proceed to phase 3, a double elimination series between 4 teams, where top 1-2 will qualify for the minor. If you haven’t caught up, there’s only one qualifier, where the top seed teams will qualify for the major, the middle seed teams will qualify for the minor instead and the rest are eliminated.

Chapter 3: PPD was right.

Good news for players is that the minor and major qualifiers is considered one event, so it’s shorter now. The purpose of this is to let players rest after a major (2 months) and also give time to teams that qualified for minor to secure their visas.

However, I feel like it was also a response or solution to PPD’s complaint about the DPC events hogging all the days throughout the year, making it impossible for third-party organizers like ESL ONE to organize their similarly big tournaments with prize pool of 300K USD, which is similar to minors.

We have seen first hand of this issue when 4 teams withdrew from the ESL ONE Mumbai 2019 as they want to prepare for the minor instead. This leaves a bad taste for any potential tournament organizers who was hoping to invest in DOTA2 eSports.

PPD’s tweet: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sqtt7s

Chapter 4: EE and Liquid.

Last DPC season, the DPC rules were that DPC points are on the players and not on team. So, this makes it easier to kick or leave a team for the players. Now, it remains on the team instead. Furthermore, kicking a player after qualifying will lead to the team getting 20% less DPC points won for the tournament they are attending.

But that’s stacked with another 40% penalty on points too, making teams think twice before kicking their Gunnar or Matumbaman out of their team. Jokes aside, hopefully this helps reduce the chances of teams kicking players after they helped qualify for the tournament because that’s really unethical.

Chapter 5: Improvised.

Finally, it seems like the new revamped DPC rules are looking great. While it didn’t solve the issue of the unviable tier-2 and 3 pro scene due to lack of compensation for making it to qualifiers, at the very least, these teams that lost gained some points out of it, even if it’s just 10-20 points.

That said, if you and your pub-stomping party are looking to take a bite off the upcoming major or minor, be sure to register your team before 28 September, 10 am. Stay tuned.




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