CN DOTO: A Game of Buyouts.


CN DOTO: A Game of Buyouts.

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Chapter 1: The Founder has joined the chatroom.

The Chinese DOTA scene has never been this competitive since this year, with every team striving for the same goal of having a TI-winning roster. Recently, Aster’s founder, nicknamed Xiao Fei, posted a long story about various stuff happening in the DOTA2 pro scene. He started off with apologizing for not being able to hold a long awaited meetup with the fans as promised. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it could never happen. Many fans have been wanting to meet him to know the plans and future of the young club that just formed last year around this time of the year, so he talked about that.

Aster, a team that has been “memed” so much since last year for their horrible performance, has recently attracted much attention from the community worldwide, with veteran players like Sccc and Fade joining the fray, it is only natural that all eyes are on Aster to be the next Eastern superpower.

Chapter 2: A Year of Disappointment.

The founder expresses his disappointment for everything that happened within Aster, from lack of management experience and the blame game by fans too. After all, most people thinks that Burning’s management is the cause of the team’s failure.

However, Xiao Fei said that either way, he will run his club in his own way. While he’s not sure about other teams ensuring constant profit, he personally feel that profit should not be the main goal for a team to be competitive.

Oddly, he also felt disappointed that he could not use Team DK’s name as the team name, so they had to make up their own.

Weibo post by Xiao Fei if you can read Mandarin:

Chapter 3: A Response to Zhou.

Now, if you recall, Zhou voiced out on his Weibo about teams setting unreasonably high buyout value for their players, even if they are pretty bad. For more information about that, be sure to check out Zhou’s message here.

Zhou’s message:

It seems like Xiao Fei also discussed about the high buyouts set by other clubs. Is it unethical to set high buyouts for their own players? Referencing from xiao8, they have been planning to “poach” Ame from LGD, who initially had a buyout value of 20M yuan. But LGD immediately raised the buyout clause to a whopping 50M after realising Aster attempted to buy their star player.

So, is this wrong for LGD to spike up the price more than twice the amount? Well, according to Xiao Fei, he feels that it just shows that LGD respects their player that he is valued so much in the club. Once again, if LGD were to sell Ame, they would have made 20M yuan in profit but they refused.

Therefore, the question again, are clubs always just looking to make profits? Well, in the case of LGD and Ame, it seems like we (and Zhou) are proven wrong. Maybe in the case of tier-1 teams like LGD and even VG, that they would prefer keeping their main roster, not only the individual players themselves. After all, why would LGD ever consider breaking a potentially TI-winning roster just for 20M yuan or in USD, that would be 2.8M USD.

Chapter 4: Aster’s Dream.

Conclusively, we hope that Team Aster will find much success with their new roster they announced recently. Meanwhile, hopefully, Zhou could form a team capable of challenging champions in the upcoming International. Also, huge thanks to Reddit users, dota2hhh and ccs77 for the post and translation, all credits goes to the two.

Anyways, what do you feel about the increased 50M buyout value set for Ame by LGD? Is it justified? Tell us in the comments! Stay tuned.




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