TYLOO qualify for DreamHack Masters Malmö over ViCi


TYLOO qualify for DreamHack Masters Malmö over ViCi


TYLOO defeated ViCi on Mirage (16-2), Vertigo (17-19), and Overpass (16-6) to punch their ticket to DreamHack Masters Malmö.

The DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019 China Closed Qualifier grand final kicked off between ViCi and TYLOO after the two aforementioned teams beat 5POWER in the upper and lower brackets, respectively. TYLOO came into the match looking for revenge as they had to make their way through the lower bracket after losing to ViCi 2-1 as Andrew "Kaze" Khong and ZhiHong "aumaN" Liu elevated their team in the upper bracket's semi-final on Train, the series' deciding map, to take it 16-14.

The grand final kicked off on Mirage with TYLOO winning the first three rounds on the attacking side thanks to doubles by YuLun "Summer" Cai and HaoWen "somebody" Xu before ViCi took the first gun round. The map then took a dire turn for the upper bracket winners as TYLOO went on to win every round in the half with the exception of a semi-eco in which WeiJie "zhokiNg" Zhong got a triple and Kaze a double. Once again it was TYLOO who took charge of proceedings as Summer took down three in the second pistol round to lock the first map down against two semi-buys, 16-2.

TYLOO defeated ViCi in a three map series to qualify for Malmö

ViCi kicked off Vertigo by taking the pistol round as zhokiNg and Tao "Franke19" Deng scored doubles and aumaN planted in a 4vs2 situation. The match was tied up the following round as Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand and YuanZhang "AttackeR" Sheng were able to win a 2vs2 situation with the latter taking two players down as his Indonesian teammate defused the bomb. TYLOO then took the reins and went up 5-1 somebody downed four players with the AWP in the sixth round. ViCi were then able to rope it back after winning a 5vs3 afterplant and a round with a triple by aumaN and double by zhokiNg which forced TYLOO into an eco. The half then wound down with ViCi taking back control, albeit just barely, 8-7.

The second half on Vertigo started off with TYLOO regaining the lead after winning the pistol round and the follow-up before ViCi could strike]. A huge triple kill with the Desert Eagle following an opening frag with the AK by AttackeR kept TYLOO ahead, 10-9. ViCi then regained their footing and took control of proceedings, although zhokiNg and company would be unable to close the map out until after regulation time as TYLOO took it to overtime before ViCi were able to push it to the decider, 19-17.

ViCi were unable to turn it around on the attacking side of Overpass

TYLOO won the pistol round on the attacking side of Overpass, the third and final map of the series, before going on to take an early 5-0 lead. ViCi were able to reply with a few scattered rounds later on in the half, but it was TYLOO who stayed in control of proceedings early on to go ahead 11-4 before switching sides. Four kills by Franke19 kept ViCi alive, who were then able to win the second round, but that would be it as TYLOO went on to close the map and match out, 16-6, to secure a slot at DreamHack Masters Malmö.

With this victory, TYLOO confirm their presence at the $250,000 DreamHack Masters event that will take place in Malmö, Sweden, on October 1-6.

The DreamHack Masters Malmö team list as it currently stands:




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