Ever been Accused of Cheating in DOTA2?


Ever been Accused of Cheating in DOTA2?

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Chapter 1: Have you Used it?

Last year, before Dota Plus was even released, third-party apps that help players analyse their games begin to become rather popular, such as GOSU.AI and Dota Plus (not the in-game one). What these apps do is that you can sync it with your Steam account and it will watch your games to give you a post-analysis after the game ends.

Dota Plus allows you to check on every player’s stats when you get into a game, so you can decide what hero to ban, because it shows the players’ highest win-rate heroes and most played.

In the case of GOSU.AI, all you have to do is add the GOSU.AI bot as your friend, and it will talk to you about your game. It will even give you a link to the analysis of your game after each game. While it is great and useful to see stats such as how many times you died or how much vision your wards provided, it isn’t always that useful and even backfired for some players.

Chapter 2: CHEATER!

According to Reddit user, Darkmayday, he posted that GOSU.AI apparently labelled him as a cheater in not just one but two games. That’s right, the app claims to be able to “detect” cheaters in a game.

It has detected that the player has auto-creep blocking and scripts because the player zoomed out during the game. Well, the first concern I have is, who the hell even uses auto-creep blocker?! I mean, sure you might not always get it right but is anyone really that bad to even need cheats to block creeps? Welp, I guess cheaters need it anyways.

One of the more common scripts that cheaters use is insta-hex or combo maker. However, scripts these days have even evolved to be extremely versatile such as maphack not only for the cheater but also allow his teammates who don’t use cheats to have it. This can be done by drawing on the mini-map about an enemy heroes’ location. Who would have thought that cheats can support your team too!

Enemy hero ping cheat: https://youtu.be/K2aiWqyuIIQ?t=28

Chapter 3: Harassment.

Now, as cheaters and scripters are becoming so common lately, the whole community probably have a vengeful hate towards any cheater if they ever meet one. So, this is when trouble begins for the victim.

GOSU.AI will show players who uses their feature in-game that the labelled victim is a cheater. The players start to all-chat calling out the victim as a cheater just because GOSU.AI says so. So, even if the victim is in an enemy team, his teammates begin to give him the cold treatment and do not communicate with him anymore because he’s labelled a cheater.

Assuming this is all true, hopefully the victim will be able to contact support from GOSU.AI regarding the issue because this matchmaking experience is not one that you want to have. The harassment does not end here though as after the game, the victim is reported by both enemy and his own teammates as a “cheater”. Thus, there goes his behaviour score dropping from 9.2k to 6.9k. I mean, could have been worse, right?

Chapter 4: Pro Players and Sponsors.

One of the reason why GOSU.AI and unofficial Dota Plus has been quite popular is because of pro players who stream, getting sponsored by them. I mean, if I see AdmiralBulldog using it, I would too! I personally use GOSU.AI for the supportive messages it tells me after a painful game lost, so that I won’t be so tilted about it.

Now, whether if GOSU.AI is at fault here, we can’t really point fingers at them just yet. We will just have to wait for their statement regarding the matter. Anyways, credits to Darkmayday for the story. Until then, stay neutral, because as quoted by a wise man, “Remember there are 2 sides to every story”.

Do you use any third-party apps when playing DOTA2? Tell us your experience! Stay tuned.




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