Tavo : When the time comes for you to sign a contract, read it first


Tavo : When the time comes for you to sign a contract, read it first


compLexity Gaming were eliminated in the group stages of StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2Minor and will now have to regroup and focus on The International 2019 regional qualifiers. Despite the early elimination, their newest addition, Otávio “Tavo” Gabriel found the time to sit and talk to our special reporter at the Minor, Taras Bortnik a few days after coL’s last series in the tournament.


Heya, a tough first tournament for you with compLexity, how do you feel now, after you guys had a bit of time to watch the replays and digest what happened?

Yeah well, it always sucks to lose. One of the reasons we didn’t do well here is that we had a break after the qualifiers. I think we did pretty well in the qualifiers, but then we had to go back to our homes to get the visas and when we arrived here it was already a new patch and we had to adapt.

But you did a small Bootcamp in Europe, right?

Yeah, we did bootcamp, but in my opinion we were still not stable enough. We still need to be on the same page when it comes to drafting. We really have to come together for the next tournaments, I think. We still have too many different opinions about the draft and that makes everything harder.

I’d like us to talk a bit about the matches you played on this Minor. First, the Mineski series you had in your hands until somehow you threw away the advantage in that game three. What happened there?

That third game loss was probably on me. We took a bad fight when we were leading, I used my buyback poorly and I died back and basically the game became hard from there on. I wasn’t 100% focused on that game, I don’t know why I just didn’t have a good feeling about myself in that game.

Moving to the series against Sirius, looking back now, do you think you guys underestimated them?

No, we certainly didn’t underestimate them. They can’t be regarded as underdogs or anything, their line-up is super strong, they have really good players on the team. I think if they stick together, they will become a top China team in no time. In that series, I’d say we had some problems with the draft, as I already said, we had too many opinions and we also took poor decisions, really bad fights for us, and yeah, I guess that’s mostly it.

You mentioned drafting problems twice already. You have Kips on your side as a coach, isn’t she helping you stay focused on the drafting stage?

She is, but at the same time she can’t ignore the players’ opinions, right? It’s more about how we are going to find a balance. It’s really something that we need to fix, basically.

Well, now you know already that you will have to play qualifiers for The International. What do you think about the NA region and your chances in qualifiers?

Well, from the teams that will probably play in the NA qualifiers, the strongest ones are Forward, J.Storm and probably beastcoast. I’m not even sure is beastcaost are still together, but these three are probably the strongest opponents. That being said, the TI qualifiers are never easy or easy to predict, and now that there is only one slot, it will be a blood bath for sure. That being said I’m confident in our chances. We get along really well, the in-game communication is good, we have to fix one thing and I think we have enough time for that before the TI qualifiers begin.

You are someone who for his entire career played on Brazilian only teams. Now, you are on this multinational team, everyone on coL is from a different country, a different continent even, how do you guys get along? Is this mix of cultures affecting you in some ways?

Definitely, it’s something different for me, but it’s exciting, it’s a new experience, for all of us, but everybody is pretty chill.

Would you say that you are all friends now?

Yes, for sure. We enjoy each other company, we talk a lot of s**t together, we have fun. We are all good, we are not that different at the end of the day, you know.

Would you walk us through your decision to play in NA, how did it happen and why did you move, instead of continuing in Brazil?

When the Chaos thing happened, we were still at the Major, we lost and my immediate wish was to make a Brazilian stack again and play the last Major/Minor qualifiers, but there wasn’t actually time for that after the Paris Major. So, when that tournament was over I immediately got this offer from compLexity and I thought it will be a good experience for me. I think this is an opportunity for me to improve as a player and at the same time, I’m excited to play in a different region. I’m so happy that I can play NA pubs now because the skill level of SA pubs is much lower, the majority of the players there are lower ranks and if you are someone with a higher rank you will spend a lot of time finding a match, sometimes you don’t even find a match at all. So, what we do sometimes in SA if we want to play a proper pub is to go on US East server, play with high ping, but at least play, you know.

What do your former teammates from Brazil think of your decision?

I think they are supporting me, to be honest. I guess it’s mainly King RD because we wanted to form a stack when we would have returned from Paris Major. We discussed that but I don’t know, because it was so hard to find players so fast in between that Major and the qualifiers for the next one, if this compLexity offer didn’t come, I would have probably ended up taking a competitive break.

At this Minor, we had Team Anvorgesa from South America doing pretty well and for some of them this is the second Minor in a row where they reach top four. Some of them played as Majestic Esports at the previous Minor, so what do you think of them? They are from SA, so you must know them better.

They are good players, all of them. They stomp the pubs in SA and even in NA, for sure they are one of the best teams in SA right now. Probably one of the reasons for which they are so good is that they play with absolutely no pressure. You could see it here as well and playing without any kind of pressure is something really good for an underdog team. They literally have nothing to lose. They are not supposed to beat anyone, they are at the tournament just playing Dota and having the best time of their lives.

You must be familiar with their story, a few years back you were in the same situation, playing without a sponsor, without an organization so, what would be your advice for them now?

When the time comes for you to sign a contract, read it first. That’s it, really, read your contracts guys. Get a lawyer, before signing anything.

Is this advice coming from your personal experience?

Yes. All I can say is that contracts can be dangerous.

Alright, with that in mind, we will end our interview here, thanks a lot for talking to us and best of luck in the TI9 qualifiers!

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