Best Plays of Starladder ImbaTV Minor!


Best Plays of Starladder ImbaTV Minor!


Underdogs team like Anvorgesa and Sirius played out of their minds with the level of Dota they displayed even though they didn’t made the cut to be guaranteed in the EPICENTER Major, they surely made it tough to their opponents! Alliance with a solid run in the groupstages up to the Grand Finals securing their spot in the EPICENTER Major was surely an incredible feat and NiP with the impressive comeback victory against alliance after dropping in the lower bracket to take the title!

This are one of the greatest wombo combos and play making tactics you will find in Starladder ImbaTV Minor. I hope you enjoy!

1. Wisper 3 MAN Reverse! Anvorgesa are fighting for the upper bracket life right here as they are behind by 1 game against NiP. Early stages in game their top and bottom racks was already pummeled by NiP and the game looked like it’s done already but Anvorgesa manage to fight back with an impressive comeback. As NiP continues to put pressure on their opponents in the mid lane, alots of spells being expended by both sides but Anvorgesa has the advantage in the positioning as they was forcing their opponents to deeper, Wisper is already rotating with the flank. He comes off with a skewer and a reverse to locsk 3 players. This play cost 4 members of the NiP and Anvorgesa was able to live on a little further but unfortunately, they still lost the match.

2. Anvorgesa Wombo Combo. Anvorgesa vs Ehome, this one shows just how broke the Warlock’s fatal bonds is. Followed up with a lot of spells by Sandking’s Burrowstrike into Epicenter + Ghostship. It is a very effective initiation-counter initiation ability. EHOME just got obliterated forcing them to stop the initiations. Anvorgesa lost this match but they won the series 2-1.

3. PPD 4 MAN Root! Good stuff from NiP, they were behind 14K in networth and they managed to punish and eventually wipe the entirety of Sirius. They played a good bait scheme to drag Sirius further deep thinking that NiP doesn’t have anything to counter attack them but then Peter shows up on the flank position to root 4 players or might as well 5 if not Leshrac has Euls’ed himself. It was a great hold but still they lost the match but won the series 2-1.

4. Patience from Taiga. An impressive moment from Taiga here. They were down 2 already with no buybacks, so it’s a now or never situation already. As he waits in the sidelines for the perfect position to come back and help miCKe who was alone fighting 4 heroes. He gets the perfect time to come back in fight with the surprise Burrowstrike + Epicenter. Unfortunately, they fall short to burst down their opponents, 2v4 was just too much for them. Had QOP have been in the fight it could’ve totally went in their favor. They lost this match but still props to them.

5. Patience from Taiga pt. 2. His SK’s impact in this game is just massive. As the Juggernaut and Slardar continues to fight NiP, he and the storm are patiently waiting for the perfect moment in the back lines to initiate but it’s critical that he hits the spells correctly and so he did. 3 players are locked in from his Burrowstrike + Epicenter, signaling Storm to zip in with the Shivas, bursts of damage plus more lockdown with Slardar’s stun. They were forced to buyback immediately but they can’t hold off much longer as Alliance are just complete dominants in this game. They took the series finals to a 2-2.

(This list was not ranked accordingly and is completely in random order)

Did you have fun? What is your favorite play? Tell us in the comments section and I’ll see you in the next one.




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