EG breaks curse, but Secret dominates


EG breaks curse, but Secret dominates

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Through five games, we have seen why Evil Geniuses and Team Secret are one of the prominent teams in terms of Dota. After a 3-2 Grand Finals, Team Secret claims their fourth ESL title in Birmingham, June 2.

Game 1: Yapgod with the plays

Showing his MVP early in game 1, Puppey’s Undying together with Yapzor’s Rubick and Zai’s Leshrac secured a first blood on S4’s Tidehunter after Puppey body blocked him as S4 flees towards his tower. To counter Secret’s map control, EG killed Puppey after a four-man gank, but Secret managed to convert it into a three for three trade off after Yapzor connects a stolen Ravage.

At 21 minutes, EG takes the first Aegis, but Secret instantly teamwipes them as they escape the Rosh pit after a smoke from Midone’s Storm, Puppey, and Nisha’s Sven.

50 minutes in, EG managed to push a T3 with Sumail Templar Assassin and Arteezy Arc Warden, but Yapzor’s stolen Black Hole from Crit’s Enigma, Fiend’s Grip from Fly’s Bane was enough to turn the fights in their favor. As they go throne, Yapzor steals Ravage again as Sven hits EG to take game 1.

Game 2: Disco time with Sumail

With early T1 pushes from EG led by Sumail’s Leshrac, they gained map control and ran over Secret. Despite a relocate of Yapzor’s IO and Nisha Gyro in the tree line, Sumail catches them both with a two-man stun followed by a Storm Hammer of Arteezy’s Sven to counter the gank from Zai’s Mars, Puppey’s Undying, and Midone’s Ember, killing three members of Secret.

Catching S4 Doom together with Sven and Fly’s Chen in Mars’ ult, EG denies Secret a worthy gank after they kill all of Secret in exchange only of Chen. At 30 minutes, Crit’s Grimstroke Soul Binds Ember and Gyro as Secret defend their top and mid racks, Sumail’s Disco Pony tanks most of the damage, but dies together with Chen in exchange of Secret’s mid racks.

With a risky jump from Arteezy, EG secures a fight even inside the Arena of Blood, with Doom and Sven securing a kill on Secret’s backline. And after diebacks from both Nisha and Midone, EG rallies the top lane. However, Secret loss hope and called GG at 35 minutes so EG can even the series at 1-1.

Game 3: Midone and Nisha combo chips down EG

With Puppey on Shadow Demon, Yapzor on Enigma, and Midone on Death Prophet, they faced EG’s top lane consisting of S4 Centaur, Fly Ogre, and Crit Io exchange spells at six minutes. However, Midone’s Spirit Siphon helped him survive so they can take the first blood with Io and give Midone a double kill after they kill S4.

In an attempt to take EG’s mid T1 with Yapzor, Midone, Puppey, and Zai’s Sand King tried to kill the defending EG, but S4 with a dagger managed to hold T1 for a while, but DP, SK, and Enigma’s ult were too much for Sumail’s Leshrac and Arteezy’s Naix. With the clash, Secret and EG traded 3 for 4, with Nisha’s Anti-Mage ratting top and Zai escaping, while Arteezy survives to freedom.

35 minutes in, S4 saves Arteezy with his Aghanim’s Stampede to walk over terrain. However, a Black Hole catches Naix on the edge and with DP’s Exorcism, Secret managed to kill Leshrac and Naix both without buybacks that allowed them to take all racks and one of EG’s T4 even if Io and Centaur bought back. After regrouping, Secret took down Naix and Io, making EG tap out at 40 minutes, giving Puppey’s team a 2-1 lead.

Game 4: Sumail, Arteezy, and Nisha goes to a cliff

Despite Secret pressuring Arteezy’s Spectre, EG secured kills left and right through Sumail’s Storm Spirit and Crit’s Mars rotating the map. To obtain an 11-2 kill score, EG defended mid as five, killing Midone’s Templar Assassin, Yapzor’s Io, and Puppey’s Abaddon.

With Arteezy fronting, S4’s Batrider and Fly’s Ancient Apparition helped the fight as they Lasso Nisha’s Phantom Assassin and Ice Blast on PA and Zai’s Puck to kill four of Secret, with Yapzor Io being the sole survivor.

In a teamfight near Radiant’s top shrine, Sumail runs out of mana as he ults on top of the cliff, with Arteezy’s Spectral Dagger comes up short that also made him stuck at the cliff. These cliffs killed both of them, but S4 managed to Lasso Nisha’s PA in the cliff as well to get a 4-3 trade in favor of EG at the expense of Sumail’s buyback.

With Sumail jumping without remorse followed by AA’s ult, EG won every team fight and made Secret call gg at 32 minutes with a 6-32 kill score, bringing the series into a win-or-go-home game 5.

Game 5: Head-to-head, but EG comes up short

Only trying to cut the creep wave with Ion Shell from Zai’s Dark Seer casted on Yapzor’s Nyx and himself, but Puppey’s Shadow Shaman caught S4’s Doom with a Shackle, giving Zai the first blood. Another TP on Doom to return to the top lane gave Secret another free kill.

With both teams going head-to-head and both with 8 kills, Crit’s Mars caught Midone’s Monkey King in a Wukong’s Command, Puppey, and Yapzor in his Arena of Blood combined with Fly’s Fatal Bonds and Golem. 30 minutes and several T1 towers later, both teams are close on team kills, exchanging ults after ults, but Sumail’s DP and Arteezy Spectre leads EG in an ambush. However, Secret countered well with Vacuums from Dark Seer, killing four of EG and as Doom attempts to TP out, Nisha’s Naga Siren caught him with the Song, allowing Secret to catch up and complete the 5-0 teamwipe and allow Secret to take mid racks.

A three-man Vacuum+Wall from DS catches Sumail, Fly, and Crit, followed by a stun from Nyx and Wukong’s Command from Midone near the Rosh pit. After inching away from the teamscore, Secret tries to take the last set of racks at bottom, combination of nets on Arteezy’s Spec, he was not able to escape because of a long-range Shackles from Puppey. As EG goes away from high ground, Midone’s Wukong Command zones them out, but a Vacuum and Stun combo from Zai and Yapzor catching Fly and Crit as well as killing Artour and S4 inside MK’s ult as the dead Sumail watches.

After 38 minutes and a teamwipe, EG calls GG to make Secret the champions of ESL One Birmingham, even if they only placed second, EG finally breaks the third place curse with a $65k USD finish. While Secret bags $125K USD Prize money together with a new mercedes for Puppey.




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