Febby and Pieliedie go into metaphors when discussing EnVy


Febby and Pieliedie go into metaphors when discussing EnVy


FebbyTV delivers another gem interview with one of Kim “Febby” Yong-min’s former teammates. Johan “pieliedie” Åström answered the call and because the chat took place soon after beastcoast kicked Nico “Gunnar” Lopez, Pie and Febby had to navigate through a lot of fans questions regarding Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao.

The two players even went far back to three years ago when Pie and EE were playing on Team Secret and found an interesting comparison to talk about the relationship between Secret’s captain and the rest of the team members. Febby’s interview, although extremely casual and entertaining, as always, digs into behind the scenes and it’s a must watch. If you haven’t already, we extracted some of the questions and answers, but we urge you to take the time and watch it fully. Keep in mind that it contains a lot of mature language, which for editorial purposes we had to cut out.


Febby: Where did you get your nickname from?

Pieliedie: You know the Battlenet, right, the old Warcraft III? There you would have like 20 IDs. My thing was: I would create an account, I would play lather for like 40 games and I would go 40-0 and for some reason, I was so happy about it, but anyway, you would create and create accounts and then eventually you would run out of ideas. So, Pieliedie kind of rimes, I think. So, that was about it, for some reason I kept it.

Febby: How is leaving and playing in SEA different from Europe?

Pieliedie: I’m not sure. I played in SEA for so long now. The big difference is that in SEA every team is sitting in a team house, even like some garbage tier 3 teams. Where in EU, if you want to scrim, you pop up in a channel, you schedule something and you scrim.

Febby: Do you like the team house model or do you like the EU style?

Pieliedie: I do like the EU style more. In SEA you can’t escape from each other. You know, it’s fine to get sick of each other sometimes. Sometimes you have some shitty scrims and when you’re done you turn your head and you see your teammates, all the time. So, yeah, I like having boot camps better.

Febby: Where did you get your beautiful eyes from?

Pieliedie: It’s a combination.

Febby: I thought this was a straight question, like my mom or my dad.

Pieliedie: No, it’s both. My mom has blue eyes and my dad has weird grey-blue-green eyes. I guess I have a darker blue colour than my mom.

Febby: I did tell you man, that your eyes are really beautiful.

Pieliedie: Yeah, thank you, thank you. And I told you that you have a beautiful smile.

Febby: Yes, I remember that. That was my best day in the Mineksi house. Alright, next question: what is the most memorable game of your career?

Pieliedie: There are a few. I’m going with three: the first one is TI4 where I think we played Vici Gaming and we picked Bounty Hunter, Clockwerk offlane and then we had SingSing Meepo mid and we end up with letting them taking racks. Then, we chased them down and killed them all. B0ne7 was Clock and hooked in their fountain. We lost that series, but it felt so nice. The other ones are strange.

I remember we played a best-of-five qualifier in the Excalibur Fnatic versus Mineski and we played like a 70-minute game. I was Rubick and I didn’t die a single time. That game for some reason comes to my mind. And then there is one of the final games in Shanghai when I was Disruptor. I don’t know why but I just remember that game.

Febby: You know Pie, my most memorable game is the last game from DreamLeague, the last Major that I played with Mineski. They picked Lesrac. We had some stupid heroes and we had to tempo them and f**k them up, and suddenly a stupid dude says f**ing Viper and I didn’t get to cast my Q a single time in the lane. I think it was Kpii or Nana, but wow, that it’s the most memorable game of my career. It’s not my proudest game, but it’s the game I got kicked for. Anyways, next question: how do you become a good position 5 support?

Pieliedie: I don’t know, it’s kind of similar to being a good Dota 2 player, I guess. You want to understand especially the laning stage, you want to understand the other roles, like what they want from those heroes so you can do small things for them. Like, if runes are very important for the mid, you have to help to secure those, how much experience you are supposed to take from the carry, if you even need to be in the safe lane. It’s a lot about where you are supposed to be on the map.

Febby: Which country has the hottest girls?

Pieliedie: Norway.

Febby: Norway?

Pieliedie: I don’t know, it feels like it’s not even fair. I was once sitting in an airport in Norway and it was just ridiculous.

Febby: Did you miss your flight?

Pieliedie: No.

Febby: What is the hardest thing about playing on a team?

Pieliedie: I guess it’s about when things go south.

Febby: Like when you are on a losing streak?

Pieliedie: That, or when people disagree on something and it becomes a big issue. Like, what hero should be played mid or how you should be doing something. Half the time you won’t solve that issue and the atmosphere becomes toxic and it only gets worse and worse.

Febby: Ok, can you give me some examples?

Pieliedie: One is the Team Secret with Envy, Universe and Arteezy (2016). That was one where it was so hard to get anything done. It was kind of Envy versus Arteezy on that team. Envy had a very clear idea of what heroes he wanted to be played mid and Arteezy had a very clear idea that he didn’t want to play those heroes mid. But, that’s not even how it started.

Febby: If you’d be animal what animal would you be?

Pieliedie: If I wanted to be something I would be the alpha lion that just lays around and everyone feeds him. But, I don’t think that’s what I would be. I’d probably be some type of small dog.

Febby: That’s the position 5 support in you talking. You’re not an alpha lion, you’re a f**ing position 5. What do you think about Mineski kicking you?

Pieliedie: I don’t think they got better from kicking me. Best case, they stay the same, but at the same time, you never know. We will just have to wait and see how it plays out for them. I can understand why they did it.

Febby: What’s your favourite hero and why?

Pieliedie: It used to be Visage, but I don’t play it anymore. Right now… I don’t know, I think I would still go with Visage, he’s my boy.

Febby: How was Febby as a teammate?

Pieliedie: He was really good.

Febby: Two words, that’s it? I’m teamless right now, can’t you say something nice so people will pick me up? We re-do: how was Feeby as a teammate?

Pieliedie: He was an amazing teammate. Will start with the attitude part: always brings the best attitude, always willing to sacrifice and that goes into hero choices as well. He’s willing to try anything even though, he also has a strong identity and he knows what he wants. And he was my second-hand man in drafting.

Febby: How do you feel about your time on Team Secret with Puppey?

Pieliedie: That was also three different Secret rosters, right? So it started after TI5 when I was with Team Tinker. I got invited to join Team Secret by EnVy and it was a super positive experience, I really liked how that started. There was a very clear identity there. Puppey was like “just listen to me, if I say something, listen to me.”

Febby: See, Puppey is the alpha lion.

Pieliedie: Sure, sure, but it was very simple. Everyone was playing their own game, but if he says something you do it. And then eventually, it stopped being like that. With the addition of Arteezy and Universe, the balance got upset a bit. Envy was even the captain for a little bit. I believe he also drafted at the Manila Major and it became messy. And I think Puppey lost some confidence during that time and it became harder for him. So, he went from the alpha lion to some kind of an alpha dog.

Febby: His son took over.

Pieliedie: Yes, he had a lot of young pups biting at him, trying to outstand him.

Febby: What would you be doing if you weren’t playing Dota professionally?

Pieliedie: Probably I would have a lot of shitty jobs. Just before I became a Dota pro I was working as a dishwasher and then I had this job, what do they call it? When someone is sick and I went to their home and I tried to take care of them.

Febby: Doesn’t that job makes a lot of money?

Pieliedie: No. So, probably if I wouldn’t be a pro, I would have studied something like engineering or software development.

Febby: Pick your all-star team from position 1 to 5


5 – Puppey

4 – Zai

3 – Midn_controL

2 – MidOne

1- Arteezy

Arteezy position 1, but Puppey is the alpha lion so Arteezy respects him.

Febby: There are so many EE questions coming from chat, but this interview is about you, so I didn’t include them all. But just one more about EE and we are done. Would you play with EnVy again?

Pieliedie: I don’t think so, but you never know, right? This year I’ve been trying to avoid it, but you know how it is. We are not in the tier 1 pool right now, you and me.

Febby: Why am I not a tier 1 player? I tried to mind my own business for a little while and suddenly I’m not a tier 1 anymore?

Pieliedie: That’s not what I said. I said we are not in the pool, not that we don’t belong in the pool.

Febby: So the answer is, you will try not to.

Pieliedie: Try not to, yes. I played with him too much and I placed last at TI with him. I mean, at least I’ve been to TI, but I placed last from TI6 to TI8. I just want to try something else. It’s hard to be the captain on a team where EnVy is on.





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