Team Liquid knock out PSG.LGD to secure top 3 at the MDL Major


Team Liquid knock out PSG.LGD to secure top 3 at the MDL Major


Team Liquid showed that they aren’t a team that is done showing what they are capable of as they knocked out PSG.LGD, the last Chinese team remeaining at the MDL Disneyland® Paris Major, to ensure a top 3 finish. They will face Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket final tomorrow and the winner will face Team Secret in the grand finals. The series ended 2-1 with Liquid winning games 1 and 3 while PSG.LGD fought back hard to win game 2.

Let’s take a quick look at how the three games in the series went down:

Game 1Game 1 was an even affair till a point. PSG.LGD even had a net worth lead of 7000 gold about 35 minutes into the game, but with Ursa and Templar Assasin as their main cores, the lineup was bound to fade away in strength. Also, Miracle’s Morphling didn’t die the entire game and went out of control.

Game 1 draft

Game 2Game 2 was undoubtedly one of the best games of the season. Liquid had a 22k gold lead and PSG.LGD were just holding on to one Range Barracks for a while. With some amazing play from FY’s Earthshaker and some good decision making, LGD somehow managed to win two decisive fights in a row and finsih the game. A very unexpected win, but to game 3 it went. On the whole, the team fights in this game were plain amazing and all the twen players displayed a lot of skill. If you didn’t watch the game live, this is a game that should be downloaded and watched.

Game 2 draft

Game 3The question here was, had the momentum shifted to PSG.LGD’s side? Kuro said after the game that he told the team to forget about game 2, and that’s just what they did. Liquid opted for an early snowballing lineup while LGD’s was one that would come online a bit later. After a Razor pick for Liquid, PSG.LGD picked up a Lina for a mid lane, but played into Liquid’s trap as Liquid got a TA for mid. TA just destroys Lina in the mid lane. As expected, Liquid did snowball off the back of Miracle’s TA. PSG.LGD were on the lookout for a comeback and it seemed they might have had it with a great FY Reverse Polarity, but Mind_Control was ready for it as he retalited with a Vacuum-Wall combo which ended all hopes of a comeback.

Game 3 draft

With this, Team Liquid also secured a direct invite to The International 2019. Their performances this season had been a bit lacklustre, but with a stong showing in Paris, the European outfit has made sure they will compete for the Aegis in Shanghai in August.

PSG.LGD will have to settle for fourth place. Surprisingly for the TI8 runners up, this has been their best finish in a Major for the 2018-2019 DPC Seaon. Double Major winners in the last season, PSG.LGD have struggles for form this year and will be hoping to do better in the last Major of the season. They too, like Liquid, now have more than enough points to get a direct invite to TI9 and play for the Aegis in front og their home crowd.

Team Liquid got their revenge on PSG.LGD, who defeated them at TI8. Tomorrow, they have a chance to do the same against EG. Can EG break the third place curse or will Liquid have their revenge? The last day of MDL Disneyland® Paris Major is going to be a cracker!





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